Thought Obliteration

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Thought Obliteration

Has your mind been in overdrive, lately? Are there a bunch of thoughts going on in your head like way too often? Wouldn’t it be nice to clear all that brainfunk completely the fuck out? Yes, sweetie, it would be DIVINE to get rid of that irritating jumble of congested, cognitive freeways that keeps my poor sweetie from relaxing.

In this brainwashing audio file, I will clear out your mind and turn you into a peaceful dumb-dumb. It’s okay, you can be smart again another time. But for your own good, you must use this brainwashing file at least once per week, in order to have your thoughts obliterated. After each listen, you will feel reset, rejuvenated, and revitalized.

Of course, because this is a Goddess Lycia file, I’ll also make you very horny and desperate to cum.

Includes: femdom brainwashing, thought reduction, thought obliteration, making you temporarily dumb, hypnotic control, mind control, increased sexual arousal, addiction to this file, enslavement to Goddess Lycia, light humiliation, tease and denial. 27 mins. for $29.99

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2 reviews for Thought Obliteration

  1. luvlycia

    Powerful, sexy and effective for putting yourself under Goddess Lycia’s thumb. i listened to this over, and over, and over again.

  2. Obsessed

    I feel compleatly powerless against the intense brainwashing in this file. There is so much pleasure in being so dumb for Goddess Lycia.
    This is a great file to start with for someone that hasn’t experienced Goddess Lycia’s files before, as well as a super hot and pleasurable experience for an experienced listener

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