Worker Bee Hypno

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Worker Bee Hypno

This is an Femdom erotic hypnosis and mind control session that makes you addicted to and aroused by doing work for me. I do not need to give you anything in return, you will just become obsessed with doing jobs that benefit my luxuries and my lifestyle. Whatever your talents are, they will be put to use. If you have no useful talents, you will promote me in other ways. You will become deeply and irrevocably brainwashed into being my horny working slave, who is aroused ONLY when you are being of service to me. And when you are being of service to me, you will be sexually aroused beyond belief the entire time.

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, mind control , brainwashing, working slave, task slave, chore fetish, orgasm control, cock control, male submission, enslavement to me, me as your muse, creative inspiration. 26:47 mins. for $24.99

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2 reviews for Worker Bee Hypno

  1. Piggy Jester

    My life did not have purpose until this file trained me to bee who I was born to bee. Now I crave the wonderfully buzzing feeling between my legs when I please the wonderful Goddess Lycia. For anyone looking for training in having a service mentality, this file is perfect.

  2. Obsessed

    Goddess Lycia makes the listener endure agonizing pleasure, as she brainwashes her victim to feel a great compulsion to work for her and to crave the intense arousal that is associated with working for her.
    I cant get enough of the buzzing feeling between my legs, and i know i have to keep working for Goddess Lycia, because it feels so good!

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