Best Phone Domination

I am a highly experienced Phone Domme, and have been taking calls on NiteFlirt since 2003.

I am also available through iWantPhone.

Here is a list of my current phone domination lines, what I offer on each, and relative cost-per-minute (which I am kind of notorious for changing on a whim).

Phone Domination: NiteFlirt

Financial Domination Phone Line

Call Goddess Lycia for phone sex on

$9.99 per min.

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Line

Call Goddess Lycia for phone sex on

$6.99 per min.

Humiliation Phone Line

Call Goddess Lycia for phone sex on

$6.99 per min.

Tease & Denial Phone Line

Call Goddess Lycia for phone sex on

$6.99 per min.

Feminization Phone Line

Call Goddess Lycia for phone sex on

$6.99 per min.

Phone Domination: iWantPhone

Check out my page here. On iWantPhone I have three lines: Financial Domination for $9.99 per minute, Humiliation for $5.99 per minute, and an Ignore Line for $3.99 per minute.


If we haven’t spoken before, contact me through NiteFlirt mail, NiteFlirt chat, or iWantPhone mail before you call.

If I do not recognize your username, I will decline the call.


Goddess, You are the most creative, erotic dominant anywhere. People copy You, it's obvious and they should be embarrassed. You train me to serve and worship, fulfilling my desire to be Your complete submissive.


i am a weirdo cuntface, which makes my dinky-dink pointy *sniff sniff arf*


Goddess Lycia's voice and knowledge of submissive males is unparalleled. Love her way of speaking...calling me sweetie and teasing with kissies, etc. The best.


Goddess Lycia is the best hypnodomme you never meet on nf and all in the world! beware she s addictive, amazing, nobodys can resist to her.


well and truely the gold standard. the hypno-goddess all others are measured by..and found wanting. In german der besten auf dem best...the best of the best. Be prepared to just give in to her power... and clean your leg after she does that voodoo that she doo doo so dammmmm well.


Goddess Lycia is toying with me now. Whenever it amuses her, she stimulates my cravings for her voice until I have to call her.


Goddess Lycia is the ultimate experience. I had a fantasy once but she has made it a reality! I will never truely be the same now after talking to Goddess for so long... She has made me realize my destiny....


I have never been so aroused and humiliated at the same time, Goddess Lycia is irresistible.


Every time I want to smoke crack, I call Goddess Lycia instead... She is a way more intense high!!!


I'm trembling as I write this, please let your slave make squirties. Please, I just need to hear you say it. I cant do it otherwise. Yes or No, I dont care. Can your slave make squirties?

wriggly wormie

Nothing is more exciting than Goddess Lycia's laugh and the way She says "sweetie." i can't believe i admitted such a perveted fantasy to Her and i can't believe i am admitting it here. Now i will go wash the cum off my face.


Best phone call I have experienced ever in Niteflirt or anywhere else. She is the only one that gets what I mean and executes it perfectly! Thank you!


Was Goddess Lycia helpful, friendly, professional? I really don't know-I call and hear her sexy voice and sometime later I find myself covered in cum, feeling humiliated and hungry for more.


Unbeleivable .. I completely fell under. I couldn't move, think or do nothing ! Goddess Lycia was 10 steps ahead all the time! I'm in love... Finally met my fantasy. She treats u will and makes sure u get super addicted to her lovely commands.


Obviously, Goddess Lycia has no peer. She is amazing & is always on top metaphysically, with her supreme Mysticism. She is a goddess after all. You will never be disappointed & always cum back begging for more. Her Lyrical voice will mesmerize.


Aroused and shamed. Goddess Lycia can read minds, and uses that to make you realize what you are, pathetic, and realize that she is a Goddess.


No one can train you sinep like Goddess Lycia can train your sinep.


still shaking and with trembling legs that was such an intense call with intense feelings and a mind blowing orgasm at the end. Goddess Lycia owns my mind! Thank you very much.


OMG, the BEST call EVER!! Goddess Lycia's voice is so soft, so velvet-like!! She puts you at complete ease, and creates an fantasy that's better than any I've imagined!! In a word, AWESOME!!!


A live call is an incredible rollercoaster ride. Sensations whirl by, feelings, emotions. I have called many many women on niteflirt but she truly is head and shoulders above the rest. The voice is sensual and perfect, the control strong, and the session individual and alive without feeling in any way scripted. I can't think of a better hypnodomme, and I've tried them all. Beware though, she is intensely addictive...


A legend. The greatest in the game. Save up for her like I did!


Goddess Lycia kept me on the edge the whole call, her teasing and suggestive style turned me on so much! Cute and playful, but strict in requiring the obedience of her slaves. She will control your orgasms and you will love it!


Goddess Lycia made me feel smaller than ive ever felt before. It wasn't mean or angry, it was just the most erotic and sweet and cutsie humbling experience of my life. Thank You Goddess Lycia.


Goddess Lycia really listens and discovers those trigger words she can use to send jolts of frustration through my body. As she well knows, it's enough to make a poor guy thrust the air, over and over....


The best, most unbearable tease imaginable. Thank you so much Goddess Lycia.


Superb Temptress, Goddess Lycia' voice is like a vocal equivalent of silk.


Goddess is right, her hypnosis is just as effective as being physically locked...maybe worse, because my clitty is right there, and i still can't diddle it.


Every call to Goddess Lycia is exciting and fresh. I've lost count of the number of times we've spoken and she always leaves me both satisfied and wanting more.


Goddess Lycia has kept me in chastity for 127 days. my pili is purple and my balls are bloated. i feel more enslaved to Her as each day of chastity clicks away on my counter. my lost orgasms just pile up, as She has all She wants.


Done many hypnosis sessions before with different hypnotists. No one matches with Goddess Lycia. Goddess Lycia has her own ways of getting into my mind. The result is extreme levels of pleasure, levels that I have never reached before in my life.


All I can say is that even after months or years away you will still be born drawn back like a moth to the flame. She exerts a subtle but powerful hold, and one that it is next to impossible to remove.


Her sensual voice will turn you into a helpless blueballed slave.


Goddess Lycia is the teasing and denial tormentress par excellence. She could make a statue cry with frustration. I heard one of her recordings last night and I'm still swollen...

silly pili

Wow. Thank You, Goddess Lycia, for the most intense call i've ever had. i've never felt an orgasm like that in my life. i feel lighter than air.


i am hers forever and forever. She knows it and i know it. it will end when i take my last breath and then through eternity. My soul is hers, everything else doesn't matter. i want her to have it all. you will too. Her voice will vibrate in your head and make you think properly.


Goddess Lycia is my dream come true -- a specialist in teasing and denial who is so much fun, so smart and so wickedly sexy that she can turn me into a frustrated, shivering wreck with just a few well-chosen words and her delightful laugh.

english exile

Fantastic!!! Goddess Lycia infiltrates your mind and know exactly what buttons to push while also stretching your 'boundaries'. She has an amazing imagination and is also very sexy. I am both ad'dick'ted and in love.

sissy joy

i am desperate to make sissy squirties. MOOO. i am desperate to make sissy squirties. MOOO. i am desperate to make sissy squirties. MOOO. Thank You so much for not letting me make sissy squirties Goddess.


Goddess Lycia's hypnosis is way too strong that I can't even describe it. I am like totally blanking right now.


i'm really not sure what all happened, but i just came down from a wonderful trance that Goddess Lycia put me in. i have this insatiable desire to suck cock for Goddess and give Her all the money i make!! WOW!!!

rubber rebecca

My first call with Goddess Lycia was excellent. As soon as I heard her voice I felt extra relaxed and excited. I can't wait to call again, rubber chastity whore wants to feel so aroused and desperate. No diddling for me. Thank you Goddess 🙂


I've purchased numerous hypno and humiliation recordings from Goddess Lycia. They pale in comparison to talking to the Goddess live (which I miss) -But I love the sound of her voice. I love you Goddess - and love the effect you have on me!


Goddess Lycia was just wonderful. She is so good and professional, and her hypnosis is the real thing. I just love her!


From what I remember from this trance, I didn't think it would be too bad. Until I woke, and since then the triggers are repeating in my mind. Incessantly. Irresistably. I think I may be in trouble here...


Your ideas are as impressive as Your inductions, which are as impressive as the amazing legs that wear those stockings...


There really is no other Goddess like Goddess Lycia. Only started talking to her last night and already I feel myself falling and losing control. She has a way about her that no other Goddess has. I'm so hoping she will take me as a slave.


Goddess Lycia is everything & it's the highest honour to be able to tribute Her. i am so lucky to skip grocery shopping so She may have everything. Thank You, Goddess.


Goddess Lycia is the most powerful hypnotist on this site. Completely irresistible. I can't wait to speak to her again.


Goddess Lycia is a the ultimate goddess, she is the one to truely adore and obey, Goddess Lycia is my only goddess and i live at her mercy and command.

victim to her voice

It is not greed - it is her right - the way it should be - sensual voice guiding you towards your goal, her goal, common goal.

sissy joy

Thank you Goddess for turning me in to a cocksucking sissy faggot. i am just a silly sissy piggy Goddess. oink. oink. i love making silly sissy squirties out of my retarded little limpy Goddess.


The only goddess to worship on NF. She will make you think correctly.


i'm so desperate to make cummies for Goddess Lycia. i love to suffer and obey for her pleasure.


I am Goddess Lycia's cock sucking bimbo whore. I want to swallow jizz so my horny bimbo tits grow huge. I am Her property now.


Goddess Lycia is everything wonderful there is in the world. The more she takes from my limp, useless widdle sissie brain the more I need her to blanken and dumbify what little's left. I'm forever trapped in her tiny swishie humiliation box.


The devilish minx is just toying with me, and she has me liking it, I just fear she could make it much worse if she so chose. I'm dazed and perhaps confused.


This hypnosis was absolutely amazing...I can't cum unless I pay...and its driving me wild.


Such an achingly hot voice and a wickedly naughty mind. It feels so good to know you are being reprogrammed by Goddess Lycia.


All hail Goddess LYCIA! i have bought about a dozen of HER audio files, they are great! Let HER into your brain, you will never be the same.


Goddess really takes her slaves to another dimension, the diddleverse.


I'll always be a diddling freak for Goddess Lycia! The embarrassment and addiction grows each and everyday. Thank you, Goddess!


I'm going to give her all my money so I am forced to find a way to get a job. Thank you Goddess.


There is only one woman who lives up to the title of Goddess and that is Goddess Lycia.

hypno lover

WOW where to begin? Goddess Lycia's soothing yet sensual voice lulls you into a very relaxed state from the onset. She makes it so easy to surrender to her suggestions. Highly recommend!


Goddess Lycia's sweet yet dominant voice and words make me feel like such a submissive little virgin boy. I'm crushing on her so hard right now!

hypno lover

Tributing feels so good. It feels right to serve Goddess and I want to please her so much and make her life easier and more fun.


I can't stop diddling. It's really pathetic and humiliating but I just can't stop. My hand is on my dick all of the time and I spent my Valentine's Day watching porn videos over and over. It feels sooo good.


This was the most amazing hypnotic experience of my life. I feel so honored that Goddess Lycia has helped to make me her virginboy loser!


Goddess Lycia is in a league of Her own. Commit to talking to Her, watch Her free youtube vids and buy Her mp3s and before you know it you WILL be addicted to Her voice, Her words and perhaps more importantly you will crave Her dominance over you.


Goddess Lycia turned me into a constantly diddling piggy freak and now she's intensifying it. i'm unable to pretend to be anything other than a humiliated diddling circus freak. i can't even dream of sex without needing to beg to diddle and snort.


Goddess Lycia's harsh truth made me cry, but I still couldn't stop diddling, or thinking about her long lasting, inescapable power over me.


My body and mind are so confused and so horny. Best feeling ever. Thank you Goddess Lycia.


Every word is a silkybitter sweet humiliating dagger. Tearing deep in my soul exposing me for what I truly am. Piggies like me were born to have sex with only our hands. Thank you for this introspection into my true diddlefreak self Goddess!


Goddess Lycia has taken up permanent residency in my subconscious mind. Her enchanting voice is in my head and I want to follow her every word.


Thank you Goddess Lycia for letting me pay you $23 per minute as you humiliated me.


Thank You, Goddess Lycia, for being You. And for letting me worship You as the Goddess I want more than anyone, but whom I can never have. And for using all this against me to sexually torment me while keeping me in chastity.


Goddess Lycia's trances are the best. She really gets inside my mind and rewires me. Ten years later she still has me under her spell.

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