Well hello, I am Goddess Lycia. And if you are a beta male you will soon find yourself in love with me. I know you have heard it all before, and words like “Lifestyle” and “Hypnosis” have become over almost laughable on the internet.

Gyrating dommes, who shake their ass at the camera, have left you feeling confused and cynical about Female Domination. But fear not, I know what gets your heart pounding in your throat, and your mind spinning. It’s intoxicating, isn’t it. That feeling of contradiction where sexuality and identity battle for control. Terrifying and blissful.

It is too much to bear. And that’s just where I come in. Goddess Lycia. All you have to do is open the door and I am in. Yes. You may have regrets. But soon you will be too busy enjoying your new life to care.

My Methods

My Ideology

Mental Conditioning

As a trained and certified hypnotherapist I have the skill to rewire the male psyche to align more closely with his submissive truth. I enjoy combining my extensive knowledge of human psychology with my feminine sexual power. 

Femdom erotic hypnosis is an outlet through which to explore sexual fantasies at a profound depth, and is also a powerful tool in the behavior modification of my submissives and slaves.

I have addicted many submissive minds to my velvet voice, hypnotic eyes, and luscious lips- and I continue to brainwash horny boys into erotic frenzies with my skillful mind-fucking techniques.

“For a long time I struggled with my submissive feelings. You have helped me see that it is not only ok to be a beta male, but that a well trained beta male is often more useful to women then his alpha counterpart.”

FLR Preparation

Westernized culture has spent centuries forcing men to sit at the head of the table knowing full well that they are much happier taking direction from women. Every successful marriage eventual places the woman in the position of ultimate authority.

The average male simply does not have the temperament and emotional intelligence to create a supportive and loving home. A female lead relationship is the only way to true happiness.

“Until I started listening to your wonderful work I just couldn’t make a relationship last. Your files taught me to seek out a strong woman, and then focus on meeting her every desire. Now I am ENGAGED! to my very own Goddess. Thank You.”

Female Supremacy

Some boys find the thought of female supremacy distasteful. They feel insulted and characterized as inferior. This is a manifestation of the westernized authority structure which insists that those who are not in power blindly follow commands.

In many parts of the world it is understood that being a Superior comes with a responsibility to ensure that all parties are getting their needs met. This is not about victimization but harmony.

“One of my favorite hypnotics you have done is - female superiority training. Because of continued listening to it and your other creations I have really found my place in the world. I now love having female supervisors and project managers.”
20 years of training boys to think correctly
financial domme
Learn to WORSHIP at the altar
Boys like to make Ladies smile- yes? I suggest you learn how.

My Methods

Femdom Hypnosis

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which the subject is hypersuggestibe. Therefore, suggestions made under hypnosis reach deep into the subject’s subconscious mind, where they take form. Hypnosis can be used for a number of things, including fantasy experience, behavior modification, mind control, brainwashing, and even changes in the body.

Hypnosis begins with an induction, which can last anywhere from 2-10 minutes. After the induction, deepeners, triggers, and post-hypnotic suggestions can be implanted.

Many people enjoy hypnosis simply for the effect it has on the mind. The subject is likely to feel very empty and blank. It can be wonderful escape from the trials of daily life. Hypnosis can also intensify physical and emotional sensations, leading up to a mind-blowing orgasm.

"An expert at manipulation, Goddess Lycia will have you if she wants you."


Do you need to be put in your subhuman loser place? We both know that you are a dick-wanking pervert who needs to $pay$ to talk to pretty ladies. How sad! 

Confess all the perverted, disgusting things you do, like sniffing women’s worn panties and eating your own cum. I will use your weaknesses against you and torture you with my degrading giggles.

Perhaps I will make you do humiliating things, such as *snort* like a piggy while you BEG me to let you be my boyfriend. LOL, that’s if you are lucky!

"She is able to take your deepest, most humiliating and intense fantasies and make them even stronger until you would do anything in the world to become her ridiculously weak and needy fetish toy."

Tease & Denial

Every woman knows that all men are enslaved to their genitals. It’s like a switch that turns off all reason and sensibility. Flick it up and that mind goes away, flick it down and the fog clears.

But what if you couldn’t flick it down. What if it stayed up as long as I wanted it to. Always aroused and horny, your mind would be defenseless. Wouldn’t it.

Well that’s just how I need that mind. Defenseless. Easy to condition and program. After a few weeks of chastity your brain will simply be clay for me to mold into what ever I wish.

“Initially I was apprehensive to have you as my mental keyholder. I new how stupid I became after not releasing for a few hours, now I was to go two weeks. Two weeks of blissful hell that really showed me what I desired from woman. To be of service.”


I work with a great number of submissives who confuse transvestism or transgenderism with sissification. So let me explain. A sissy is a failed man who gave up on trying to live up to the male archetype. All the macho stuff just never appealed to them. And yet they certainly are not a woman, or even a girl.

Oh no, when a Domme dresses you in panties and heels and has you wiggle around the room, everyone sees a silly male who is just all fucked up. We would never laugh at a woman or trans person. But what is so funny is that a sissy is like a non-gendered thing. So confused. So easy to screw with. And ripe for reprogramming.

“After listening to your sissification hypnotics I am so uncomfortable in male clothing. And yet I know I am a guy. For the longest time I was so confused. Thank you Goddess Lycia for forcing me to confront my true self. A little sissy bitch wants nothing more then to be laughed at and ridiculed, now I know.”

Multimedia Brainwashing

Ruling you with a look
Teasing you with my feet

Owning you with my mouth

Putting you in PANTIES

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