Deep Mental Conditioning Program

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Deep Mental Conditioning Program

Erotic hypnosis, mind control, brainwashing, conditioning for true Goddess Lycia submissives and those who are prepared to be. Meant to be psychologically invasive…taking you deeper yet, into your submission and devotion to Me. Also includes daily devotional masturbation and orgasm control. 32 mins. for $34.99

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4 reviews for Deep Mental Conditioning Program

  1. N

    I don’t know what it was about this recording, but listening to it caused me to fall HARD for Goddess Lycia. I’m in disbelief how she grabbed hold of my mind so quickly and tightly.

  2. Piggy Jester

    I have listened to this wonderful woman for over a decade and this is one of my favorite trainers. I went so deep and it felt as if Goddess Lycia was chiseling her commands into the deepest parts of my mind. Now there is no escaping Goddess because escaping her control is my greatest fear.

  3. luvlycia

    This is the best mp3 for quickly falling under Goddess Lycia’s spell, in my opinion. Aside from its amazing erotic qualities, it’s a work of art.

  4. Joey

    This mp3 started with a warning that it is NOT for the casual listener. It only took one listen and my desire to listen again was so strong that now after a week, I train to this every day and have become one of Goddess Lycia’s submissives. It is THAT powerful!

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