Kissing and Edging Trance




Kissing and Edging Trance

This Femdom hypnosis audio session is based on a request from an admirer:

My idea is a hypnosis session that ends with a very sexy orgasm, but with a lot of teasing, denying, and arousal in order to get there. Something like a scenario where I (the listener) would get to experience what it would be like to share an intimate encounter with you. But only one where you have complete control and maintain your dominance.  

After the induction you would tell me to imagine that I’m alone with you. We could be sitting on a comfortable sofa or laying back in a soft warm bed. You would have me look deep into your eyes while you speak to me. Tell me to watch your sensual lips move as I listen closely to every word you speak. Then you’d begin to tease with kisses, sexual touches, …etc….but always pulling back when you know the orgasm is getting too close. As you proceed to seduce me, the kissing and touching would grow more intimate and sexual. But you would still deny the orgasm when it got close and it would hurt even more because the arousal would be that much higher.

After lots of sexy teasing and lots of cruel denial, you would finally ask me to prove how much I wanted to cum by giving you the most passionate sensual romantic kiss I am capable of. Then you would kiss me, and decide that it was good enough and allow me to cum. You would make me cum by some sort of sexual touch. (my favorite would be oral sex, but only because I love blowjobs, but any kind of intimate sex act would be wonderful too) But the orgasm would be used to further my devotion to you and your control over me.

So here it is!

Includes: erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis sensual domination, kissing fetish, kissing sounds, tease and denial, tease and delay, edging, hand job, blowjob, eventual orgasm, deeper enslavement, whispered subliminals. 55:08 mins. for $39.99

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