Sparkly & Mean Galaxy Queen




In this erotic cosplay video, Goddess Lycia is a Space Queen who inhabits a celestial plane within our spiral galaxy.

When she takes human form, she is irresistible to earthlings. Male earthlings are enraptured and mesmerized by her divine presence. She also induces sexual arousal in anyone who beholds her transcendent physical beauty and hears her melodic, ethereal voice.

But this Space Deity isn’t as sweet as she appears. In reality, she finds the “erotic rituals” of male earthlings REPULSIVE.

She has seen you, FAR too many times, manipulating that hideous appendage between your legs, and knows what you look at and listen to. This Galaxy Queen has even observed the inside of your mind, where all your unmentionable sexual musings reside. And she is really grossed out.

As retribution for the revolting carnal behaviors you engage yourself in, she is going to verbally HUMILIATE you until you feel like the pathetic little speck of perversion you are.

But since she knows you LIKE humiliation, she is also going to erotically tease you and COMPLETELY DENY you any release.

No… really. You will be teased nearly to the point of INSANITY, and you will be ETERNALLY DENIED an orgasm… forever cursed with a dire need that will never, ever be met.

Includes: cosplay, femdom humiliation, humiliatrix, tease and denial, orgasm denial, permanent chastity, space queen

20+ minutes for $24.99

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