The Flirty Fortuneteller Next Door




For Valentine’s Day, Goddess Lycia tells your fortune. Because it is the “Month of Love,” the focus is on your love life.

You listen to the reading, which seems to make a lot of sense. But as you listen, it is nearly impossible to stop staring her shapely legs. It’s as though she somehow “knew” that you are a submissive with a leg fetish. Her leg movements cause stirrings in your pants, and turn your mind to mush. Moreover, her pink pantyhose and pointy, purple heels are captivating.

You feel mesmerized- blank, empty, and suggestible. Is she intentionally trying to seduce, or are you just easily ensnared?

Whatever she is dong, her predictions are bound to come true!

Includes: hosiery fetish, pantyhose fetish, legs fetish, shoe fetish, erotic roleplay, tease and denial, implied money slavery, fortune teller, curvy goddess, dark lipstick, fingernail fetish, valentine’s day

20+ minutes for $14.99

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