ASMR Chastity Spell




This mesmerizing chastity video is for those who like to drift off while watching and/or listening to ASMR.

Do you like Halloween and Goddess Lycia? Do you have a fingernail fetish, or do you fantasize about a female witch placing a chastity spell on you?

Well, I’m not a witch, of course. But I can tap my stiletto fingernails on various objects to make you relax. And while you are relaxed, I can whisper suggestions that will make it impossible for you to orgasm without my permission.

Includes: ASMR, erotic ASMR, relaxation, mesmerism, fingernail fetish, fingernail tapping, fingerless lace gloves, hand jewelry, lipstick fetish, black lipstick, witchcraft fantasy, orgasm control, orgasm denial, chastity fetish, whispered suggestions, femdom brainwashing, kissies

45:30 mins for $19.99

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