Your Crush is a Denial Domme

tease and denial Goddess
Your Crush is a Denial Domme

This is a tease and denial fantasy audio where I am your seemingly sweet (yet obviously superior) crush.

You have been lusting after me and dreaming of a situation where we could be sexual together. I sense that you are a horny submissive, and decide to use you for a personal experiment.

See, I have a long-distance AML (Alpha Male Lover) who *really* enjoys when I ride him. The problem is I never cum when I’m on top, and we both want me to.

Here’s where you come in: we arrange for you to avail yourself to me as a “practice body”- just an object for me to use and boss around while I figure out the best way to get myself off while on top.

You are beyond thrilled that your mega-crush is going to have sex with you, no matter the reason. But on the day when you arrive at my place to be of service, I warn you that you’d better NOT orgasm in me, on me, or in my home. No matter what, there will be NO orgasms on your part, or there will be dire consequences.

You will just have to stay hard and obedient until I am done using you. And you will be left completely denied any release. I will cruelly dismiss you from my home as a blue-balled, throbbing and aching mess whose erotic torment I have ZERO compassion for. FUN!

Includes: tease and denial, orgasm denial, woman on top, being ridden, being used by your crush, cuckold fetish, mind fucking, sexual desperation, cock tease, light-to-moderate humiliation, objectification

42 mins for $34.99

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If you like my classics  “Please Don’t Cum?” and “Kissing & Edging Trance,” you’ll love this as well.


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