Unattainable Goddess




Of course I won’t have sex with you, or even date you, lol. But I absolutely encourage you to masturbate to this Femdom lipstick fetish and mindfuck video. I even want you to cum for me.*

I want you to play with your thingy while you experience my Feminine Sexual Power, and when you orgasm I will instantly become more powerful, and have an even greater deal of control over you.

Truth be told, I’ve always loved being a cock tease. I’ve always taken great pleasure in knowing the erotic effect I have on both men and women. Knowing I am so sexy that those who spend any amount of time with me get hard, wet, swollen with desire.

I love knowing that I am the reason you are insanely aroused and desperately need to jack off until you cum while chanting “Goddess Lycia controls me” over and over.

Masturbate and orgasm to this file, while knowing you can never, ever have me. Also, I know you will enjoy the censored nudity!

*If you are my chastity slave, you will still need my direct (one-on-one) permission. You can experience this clip while caged, or while diddling and aching, unless I give you specific permission to orgasm, either during the clip or another time.

Includes: lipstick fetish, lipstick application, smoking fetish, redhead vixen, fishnet bodysuit, cleavage, fingernail fetish, masturbation encouragement, rejection fetish, kissies, censored nudity, MILF Goddess, makeup fetish, mind fuck, Femdom, Goddess worship, arrogant woman, seduction, seductress, cock tease, enslavement

23+ minutes for $29.99

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