Teasie Teasie

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Teasie Teasie

That thingie between your legs is so easy to manipulate and control, that I truly find it humorous. That’s why I like to play with it and make it INSANE; it just makes me laugh! I mean, think about it: I have so much feminine sexual power that I turn your penis into a whole new creature. I basically turn it into a drippy, twitchy, throbbing mess, to the point where you feel like you might cry from all the pent-up sexual frustration. And what does Goddess Lycia do, while you suffer on the brink of orgasm, unable to make cummies without my permission? I point and laugh and tease you MORE. *kiss*

P.S. I hope this audio makes you blush and cry, too.

Includes: tease and denial, light humiliation, guided masturbation, manipulation, giggles, kissies, orgasm denial, chastity, cock tease. 22:02 minutes for $24.99

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1 review for Teasie Teasie

  1. hypnoslave

    This is a fire hot tease and denial session from hypno domme Goddess Lycia. Going deep into trance worship Goddess voice and obeying every word. As promised in the description She will drive your mind and body insane and still deny your orgasm. Light humiliatrix and brainwashing. Total addictive and blissful orgasm and mind control.

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