Guided Edging

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Guided Edging

Goddess Lycia guides you through a very intense tease and denial session, where your hand is completely controlled by her voice. You are brought to the very edge of orgasm several different times, but are completely unable to cum! Maybe this is because you want to be a good submissive, and really obey your Goddess. Or perhaps it is due to the suggestions she is embedding deep within the realms of your subconscious mind while you are in such a vulnerable state~

This is not erotic hypnosis in the traditional sense, as it doesn’t contain a traditional induction. However, tease and denial can create a trance state in which the person being teased is highly suggestible.

28 minutes for $34.99

Includes: tease and denial, orgasm denial, chastity, trance state, obedience, enslavement, addiction, erotic suffering, sexual torment, tease and denial AS trance

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1 review for Guided Edging

  1. hypnoslave

    This is such a great tease and denial session. Hypnodomme Goddess Lycia takes you into trance until you are a mindless addict worshiping Goddess Lycia and obeying Her every word. Teased and denied again and again and again leading to total brainwashing and orgasm denial. Light humiliatrix. 10 out of 10.

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