Post-Orgasm Arousal




Post-Orgasm Arousal

Do you love the feeling of being utterly submissive and extremely horny? Wouldn’t it be nice to stay that way, even after you make cummies? How about an erotic hypnosis audio file which turns your orgasms into triggers, which immediately put you back in horny submissive mode?

Well, here you have it. It’s so dumb to be like, “Oh, so that’s that,” after an orgasm. This audio file not only conditions you to maintain sexual arousal and feelings of adoration and obedience to your Mistress after cumming, but it also intensifies those feelings. This way, after you spurt, you will be even more aroused than you were before you came. Which can ultimately lead to Multiple Male Orgasms!

This erotic hypnosis audio file includes an orgasm trigger near the end!

20:07 minutes for $24.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, post-orgasm arousal, multiple male orgasms, male submission, femdom

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Goddess WorshipNiteFlirt


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