No. More. CUMMIES.

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No. More. CUMMIES.

So, how is thinking *incorrectly* going for you, slave? I bet you feel seriously fulfilled, wanking your prick and shooting goo whenever you damn well please. It must feel *awesome,* to know that a beautiful and amazing Goddess wants to treat your orgasms as valuable experiences that ought to be given as *deserved gifts,* yet you are still just fapping the fuck away like an 18-year-old horn dog with no morals or standards. EW.

Well, at least there is this erotic hypnosis mp3. If you listen to this every day, it is possible for you to redeem yourself as a TRUE chastity slave, who not only finds it IMPOSSIBLE to make cummies without permission from ME, but who doesn’t even want to try. Get locked right here, sweetie. There ain’t no chastity device like Total Mind Control.

25 minutes for $24.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, orgasm denial, chastity training

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2 reviews for No. More. CUMMIES.

  1. Piggy Jester

    Goddess Lycia is so good at helping me think correctly. One thing I need to give over to a Goddess is my cummies because it shows who is in charge of my body and mind and this file will leave no question that Goddess Lycia controls my cums, just how it should be.

  2. hypnoslave

    This is an addictive brainwashing session. Goddess Lycia is the ultimate hypno domme. Slowly but surely she takes control of your mind and orgasms. Worship Goddess Lycia and trance out to Her hypnotic voice ending in blissful orgasm denial.

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