Heart Throb

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Heart Throb

Here is an erotic hypnosis/love and addiction session that will make you fall deeply in love with Me. If you are already deeply in love with Me, this session will make your love much stronger.

Do you live for the torment of emotional and sexual love and addiction? It feels so good to fall head over heels for the pretty lady with so much sexual power, beauty, and creativity. you long to feel your love for Me grow stronger all the time. The more you try to resist, the deeper you fall.

Who better to be in love with than the Ultimate Goddess? Mistress Lycia will take over your mind and reprogram it so that your love will never fade. Every time you listen to this session, your romantic and erotic feelings for Me will increase in intensity.

you need Me, sweetie. *smiles* It’s okay, I will pay your heart and your penis attention sometimes~ 30 minutes for $34.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, Femdom hypnosis, love and addiction, unrequited love fetish

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1 review for Heart Throb

  1. Stephen

    Goddess Lycia not only consumes your mind in this file, She captures your heart and emotions. Your infatuation for Goddess Lycia will grow into the deepest heartfelt Love that you have ever known. And your cock will grow even harder and ache even more, because of the Love you feel for Goddess Lycia. When you wake up tomorrow and every day after, your heart will be filled with even more Love for Goddess Lycia and your cock will never be happier. This Eternal Love never runs out, the more Love you give to Goddess Lycia, the more your heart is replenished with Love x 10.

    Thank You All Powerful Goddess Lycia. Loving You is so easy and it is pure bliss 24/7. Adoringly Your, Stephen

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