This 60-minute long humiliation audio file is for virgins and incels-  “dorfkies” who get off on being mocked and rejected.

Get truly mesmerized in this immersive soundscape! It’s filled with insults, whispers, and jeering laughter. Bits of conversation where people are making fun of you. Words and phrases about how creepy and cringy you are. Reminders that you’ll never have real person sex.

This humiliation audio file will also make you jealous of real men who get laid, and will leave you with no choice but to accept your place as a beta loser and chronic wanktard.

Listen to it while you stroke, it’ll put humiliation addicts right where they need to be in order to achieve the highest state of arousal. It will crush your ego and make you feel utterly defeated, which is what you deserve for being such an ultra freakish cringelord.

60+ mins for $39.99

Includes: humiliation, beta male humiliation, goontard material, erotic comedy, femdom mindfuck, rejection fetish

Purchase through:

Goddess WorshipNiteFlirtiWantClips


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