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This humiliation audio file will help you continue on your path of being a pussy-free, porn-addicted, perverted weirdo- needing to do things like perv on toesies, make pig noises in your head when you see a pretty lady, and pay for online humiliation.

You will listen to these mantras during ALL of your diddle sessions, and repeat them out loud as often as you can.

These weirdo diddle mantras will be deeply ingrained into your mind, making it impossible for you to ever deny or resist your perverted loser lifestyle. YAY!

Includes: humiliation, humiliation mantras, brainwashing, edging, gooning, orgasm denial

Mantras loop 3X during session

35:38 mins. for $29.99

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Goddess WorshipNiteFlirt

1 review for DIDDLE MANTRAS

  1. Tardo

    One of my favorites. That’s saying a lot as every other mp3 I purchased is leaps and bounds above content made by others. But it you’ll love it

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