“Kissy Print Enslavement” Video

Femdom lipstick fetish
Kissy Print Enslavement

This was a custom Femdom lipstick fetish clip request, and I LOVED making it!

I’m thinking of a POV fantasy where I approach you on my birthday and say that for my birthday, I want to become a full-time admirer of Goddess Lycia.

You say, “Are you sure? It’s quite a commitment, and you’re not allowed to back out of this, ever. An admirer today is an admirer for life. If you back out, I’ll tell the whole world about your secrets and fetishes.”

I agree, then you start putting on red lipstick and red lip gloss, and say, “First, as my admirer, you agree to wear a big red kissy on your cheek while out in public. If you’re seen without at least one lip mark, you violate our agreement. The lip mark shows the world that I own you. It is the bond between the Goddess, and the admirer. Understood?”

I agree, then you say “mmkay, get on your knees and crawl here sweetie. Let me give you a big red kissy mark on your cheek.” I obey. You give a kissy to the camera. You say, “Leave my kissies on for as long as possible. I want them to stain your skin permanently. When they fade, I’ll give you fresh ones.

Second, as an admirer you need to do whatever chores and tasks I give you without complaining, and of course you need to do them with at least one kissy mark on your face. Your first chore is to go to the bank down the street. Show the teller that sticky red mark that I gave you on your cheek, and she’ll know exactly what to do. She’ll move all of the money in your bank account to mine. Isn’t being a Goddess Lycia admirer so fun?”

I go to the bank and come back, and you have a plastic chastity device in your hand. You say, “Good boy sweetie, now take off those pants and underwear and put this on.” You then kiss the chastity device, leaving a big red mark on it. “And as per usual, I mark my territory!

Now sweetie, I have a large lipstick order that I need you to pick up. Go to the makeup store down the street and show the lady your lipstick mark on your cheek, and she’ll know why you’re there. Pick up my order and bring it back here.”

I go and come back, and you say, “Very good sweetie” and start applying more lipstick and gloss. “Give me your other cheek so I can reward you for being so good today.” You give another kissy to the camera, then say “Come back tomorrow and I’ll have more chores for you.”

Wearing your lipstick marks is my HUGE fetish, so I’d like you to use that against me.

My absolute pleasure, sweetie.

Includes: lipstick fetish, lipstick marks, lipstick prints, red glossy lips, lifetime enslavement, chastity, orgasm control, findom

16:28 mins. for $19.99

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Goddess WorshipNiteFlirt

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