Findom Goddess Worship – KISSYMAS 2020

Findom Goddess Worship

Celebrate Goddess Lycia - Worship Goddess Lycia - Serve Goddess Lycia

Findom Goddess Worship- -specifically to Goddess Lycia- -is what Kissymas is ALL about. In case you are late to the train, Kissymas lasts the entire month of December

Kissymas is a month-long holiday celebration that is much more important than “Christmas” or whatever the other winter holidays are, because it’s all about serving Goddess Lycia!

It’s time for you to step up your Findom Goddess Worship game. This means you buy more of my Femdom erotic audio and video files, send more tributes, and serve me more fully and consistently. Also, you do your best to call me for Femdom phone sessions on a more regular basis.  

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2020 has obviously been a year we ALL wish to escape from. Therefore, you are VERY grateful that Goddess Lycia has been here for you, providing Femdom and fetish content for you to “lose yourself” in, at least for a while. 

As always, I give slaves and subbies a Higher Purpose. Because you focus on Findom Goddess Worship, you are removing yourself from being the focal point of your life. This helps with depression and anxiety, and causes you a greater sense of fulfillment. Additionally, with service to Goddess Lycia as your primary focus, your life becomes more meaningful.

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Goddess Lycia RULES your World

If you have known of Goddess Lycia for a while, I have already done so much for you, to enhance your life. For instance, my KISSIES make you weak and helpless- and each kissy more is even more powerful than the last. 

I have given you a lipstick fetish, or have caused your already-inherent lipstick fetish to grow stronger than ever before. My red, glossy kissy print is stamped in your mind.

Moreover, you are in COMPLETE AWE of my creativity, talent, intelligence, and beauty. My understanding of the submissive male’s desires blows your mind (and your load, as I permit). Nobody else comes close. 

And if you have only recently discovered Goddess Lycia, welcome to the biggest treat of your life. I will mold you into whatever I wish, and arouse you unlike you have EVER been aroused. I will give Goddess Worship an entire new meaning… and you will become irrevocably enslaved to me, like all the others who have found themselves caught in my web.

Fetish Clips of Kissymas Past

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How to Celebrate kissymas

Findom Goddess Worship = Correct Thought + Correct Behavior

So, what is my horny bitch boy going to do, to celebrate Kissymas and Goddess Lycia? The deep desire to serve me, to pay me, to humiliate yourself in my honor, is already there. You might just need a little “push.”

I highly recommend the following Femdom hypnosis  files to help you get over those silly little obstacles that have kept you from Thinking and Behaving Correctly:

Firstly, empty your mind of incorrect thought and behavior with:

Thought Obliteration – Femdom Hypnosis Audio

BLANK, HORNY, & HUMILIATED – Femdom Hypnosis Video

HORNY – STUPID – DENIED – Femdom Hypnosis Video

Next, replace your former incorrect thoughts with Correct Thoughts and Behaviors by training with:

Goddess Worship Doctrine – Femdom Hypnosis Audio

Under My Spell – Femdom Hypnosis Audio

ALLEGIENCE – Femdom Hypnosis Video

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Once you have trained with those Femdom hypnosis files, you will be truly ready for Findom Goddess Worship, which means you will well-prepared to celebrate Kissymas for all of December.

At this point, you shall:

  • Browse this site, find your favorite categories, and purchase at least three more Femdom audio files, video files, or fetish photo sets.
  • Visit my TRIBUTE PAGE, where you will find several different ways to gift me- either through payment platforms, gift certificates, or my personal wishlist.
  • Join my OnlyFans if you have not already. This is basically my gift to you (aside from the pleasure you naturally receive from being of service). There is a obscene amount of erotic and artistic content on my OnlyFans, for a ridiculously low monthly fee. 
  • Follow my Twitter and like/RT my posts. 
  • Write me a sweet letter about how grateful you are for my presence in your life, and thanking me for allowing you to participate in Kissymas.


Be a Good Mooshka

How to be a good mooshka for Goddess Lycia? Just follow the simple instructions in this blog post to have the BEST KISSYMAS EVER! I promise, you will be satisfied with your transformation and 2020 will come to a FAR more sexy conclusion than otherwise. Treat yourself to Findom Goddess Worship, and make service to Goddess Lycia your True Purpose. I know you can do it for at least the month of Kissymas. Then I might losen my reins on you a tad until February- which is officially Goddess Lycia Month.

Also, be sure to keep up on my Twitter, OnlyFans, and Femdom Blog for more Kissymas-related erotic content throughout the month of December!

P.S. One of my favorite new places to shop for sexy clothing is Fashion Nova. Send e-cards to goddesslycia (at) gmail!


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