Goddess Lycia: Cyber Mistress

Goddess Lycia: Cyber Mistress

Internet Mistress. Cyber Mistress. Cyber Domme.

Online Mistress. Online Domme. Phone Domme.

Virtual Mistress? Phone Mistress. Multimedia erotic artist.

“I sell erotic downloads on the internet and do Femdom phone sessions.”

“I am a Financial Domme who sells erotic downloads and humiliates beta males.”

“I am an erotic artist who sells Femdom audio and video files online.”

“I create Femdom erotic content online, and do phone and text sessions.”

From the above, I think you get the picture. But it’s not stuff that comes out of my mouth on a day-to-day basis, out in the real world. It’s much easier to say “I do web design and internet marketing,” which is true…

Being a Cyber Mistress an strange job, and a weird lifestyle, to some people out there- but it feels natural to me. Which is why I have stuck with it for so long.

I get all kinds of good stuff out of this work, which you can read about in my old journal hereРalong with some of the not-so-good stuff.

Overall, I love being a Cyber Mistress who creates multimedia erotic content. Even as I find new avenues and interests in life, I want to be here, too. As former interests renew themselves in me, and alternate ways of earning income appeal more completely to me, I plan to be here for the foreseeable future.

Making boys horny. Fulfilling fantasies. Being praised and getting paid. Creating sexy stuff and dark stuff. And learning- always learning.

I am glad you found me- know that it happened for a reason. Thousands of boys have fallen under my spell and continue to crave my Femdom control. If you seek a Cyber Mistress, I doubt you will need to look further. As many have said, “Goddess Lycia is the real deal.”


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3 thoughts on “Goddess Lycia: Cyber Mistress

  1. This new site is really beautifully done, Ma’am, in a way that really appeals to the labyrinthine nature of sexual fantasy in general and femdom fantasies in particular. As ever, as a fellow erotica professional, i admire Your Artistry and Craft…even as the power of the spell You cast befuddles my wittle mind and makes me feel, oh dear, so w-w-weak before Your Allure…

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