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New Goddess Worship Chat with lots of fun features has been installed! Right now it’s open to polite submissives who adore me and want to support my Cyber Mistress projects. For now, you can log in either as a guest or with a social media account. However, my Goddess Worship chat will not be free for long. So come take a look while it’s open!

Here’s to summertime, celebrating this amazing new Femdom site, and having a splendid time together!

I may or may not be around when you visit the chat room. If you’d like to post a brief message, I’ll reply once I get back to my computer. Maybe.

  • Be polite! This is a place for good energy and fun. If we end up playing here, any humiliation will be consensual. There will be zero tolerance for hate. Refrain from putting anyone down, whether it is someone in chat or someone out in the world.
  • Introduce yourself. Set a username, and let me know where and when you found me, etc. Refrain from entering and just saying one word like "hello."
  • Refer to me as "Goddess." This is my Goddess Worship site, and my Goddess Worship chat. If you have a problem with this, then you shouldn't come to the chatroom.
  • Refrain from mentioning or displaying your dick unless I ask about it. If I ask, it will be in private chat, and not in the main room.
  • Don't ask me to do anything. If you have a request you are just dying to ask, tribute first, and ask privately.
  • No discussion about anything illegal.
  • Understand I can boot or block you at any time, and if you break the rules, I will.
  • Understand I can revise or add to these rules at any time.

Right now I am going for a swim, and should be available for calls on NiteFlirt later. Many kissies!

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Goddess Lycia

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2 thoughts on “Goddess Worship Live Chat!

  1. Hello Goddess, You are so beautiful. I bet you get that a lot. I’ve seen you around before but this is my first time really reaching out to submit and surrender to you. Xpatious is the name I use, or Robert if you prefer. I hope I can begin to please you on my knees with my mind spread open for you to fuck.

  2. Goddess I found you through pornhub when I was exploring femdom and I love your voice it’s like getting an eargasm .
    I’m just learning of the benefits of submission to a strong Goddess like your self and I’m loving it. To serve a goddess like yourself is the highest honour a beta male can have .

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