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Hey, there mooshkas! So in case you’ve been out of the loop- for many years, I have claimed February as MY MONTH. This is because it is the month of both Valentine’s Day and my birthday.
I wanted to get a blog post out sooner this month. Besides, it is high time that I put up a blog post that isn’t just selling my amazing, erotic Femdom and fetish content.
Shout out to my mooshkas who have been celebrating Goddess Lycia Month of 2021 with me, so far! I appreciate your gifts and tributes. The rest of you still have time.
While I expect to be served well all year long, I give special attention to February and Kissymas month (December).
As far as my Online Domme work goes, I have been putting a lot of attention into my OnlyFans– posting at least one new thing per day.
I absolutely plan to do more Femdom audio files. You know, Femdom Erotic Hypnosis stuff and erotic humiliation stuff. Because my erotic audio files are masterful creations that have addicted to you to me. More than you thought you ever could be addicted to an Online Domme.
I just like to mix things up here and there- take a break from making Femdom hypnosis audio files and focus more on visual fetish content. For example: pantyhose fetish, lipstick fetish, foot fetish, and smoking fetish videos and photos (lots of photos on my OnlyFans).
Which reminds me- if you have a smoking fetish, then you should get your requests in soon- because I do plan to quit again.
Aside from the fact that I still smoke, I have been on a health journey. Part of it has to do with physical appearance. Because, you know, I want to keep you guys hooked through any means possible.
And I know it takes only my words, my voice, and my creative mind to keep you hooked… but looking hot doesn’t hurt either.
I am shooting to reach my goal weight in May, and shortly thereafter I plan to quit smoking because I want to get a boob job. I’ve wanted one for a long time. But nowadays the surgeons will not let you get a boob job unless you have been off all nicotine products for at least three months.
Some of you know, I have quit smoking before for over five years. I felt like a doofus for going back, but decided to make the most of it. And in a capitalistic way, lol. I mean, I am a Findomme– and besides, cigarettes are expensive.
When I quit again, and remain off nicotine for a full three months in order to get my breast surgery, I would feel incredibly stupid to go back.
I appreciate the smoking fetish and the community that has been supportive of me when I create content for them.
And having quit before, I know that the people who really like me for more than the smoking will stick around. And we’ll still do sessions, and you can still enjoy my other content.
Those who like me exclusively because of the smoking will move on to other Online Dommes who do smoke.
I don’t want to hear about anyone’s disappointment in this decision. I know what I want and this is what’s best for me. So, enjoy any of my smoking fetish content now. 
Speaking of what I want- any of you who have not been celebrating my month need to tribute right now.
You can:
-buy from to my wish list
-send me gift cards
-tribute $ through any of the platforms I use
If you can serve me through promotion of my work as an Online Domme and erotic content creator, or if you have any skills that might help me grow business-wise, I consider that type of stuff tributes, as well.
So aside from that physical decision-making stuff going on in my life, I do plan to start writing a new script soon- which will likely be humiliation related and will definitely involve brainwashing, if not straight up Femdom Hypno.
I also hope to post more blogs that aren’t just selling my amazing, erotic Femdom content. Because that should be done more often, for reasons of self-promotion, and to keep my mooshkas up to date on my life and plans.
I still use my Twitter but most of the good stuff goes on my OnlyFans, or for sale through my Goddess Worship site. I am still doing Femdom phone sessions, but I need to remind you guys that I made a new rule:
If you want to call me through NiteFlirt for a Femdom session, contact me first through email or chat. Ask me if I am available to do a session with you, and call when I when I reply that you may. Thank you.
I am still very much into all of the fetishes I’ve always been into (besides the smoking, because I need to quit).
But I absolutely love tease and denial, erotic humiliation, financial domination, sissification, mind control and brainwashing. Also, the more visual fetishes such as lipstick fetish, foot fetish, and pantyhose fetish. 
Which reminds me of a conversation I had recently about the stuff I’m into as an Online Domme.
I did not coin most of the terms that I use to describe what I do. They were already being used online. But they were words or phrases that just popped out at me like some sort of spiritual realization.
I didn’t know that my strange erotic fantasies had names to them! When I saw certain words or phrases, I just started using them because I identified.
One example is when I first saw the term “Erotic Hypnosis” back in the days when Yahoo had chat rooms- adult chat rooms in particular.
There was a room called “Erotic Hypnosis,” and my mind was just blown by this eureka-like feeling. I am sure if someone had seen my physical reaction, it would have been entertaining. Like, literally wide-eyed, suddenly perfect posture- just super excited.
Another term I learned when I joined Keen (which later on broke off into NiteFlirt), was “Financial domination.” I saw that term and again had a “wow” moment.
While I knew about humiliation and that erotic humiliation is a kink, I did not coin the term Humiliatrix, but I very much identify with it. I was like, “That is absolutely one of the things I am.”
And finally when I saw the term “Tease and Denial,” I was just like, “Oh my God, how did they know?”
I didn’t know that there were terms for these psychological BDSM Kinks.
Oh and “Goddess Worship,” of course. We know about the religious form, but then I saw it’s also a thing in the Femdom world. And yes, that is what I am into. I want you to worship me, and by worship I mean serve and please me. Admire me and adore me. Obey me.
See me as an example. While a lot of my work delves into dark fetishes and what some might consider disturbing subject matter, it is an outlet and it helps us release. And I love making BDSM into an art form.
I am, however, also into personal growth. And I like my slaves to be into personal growth as well.
What I mean by this is care about your appearance, the cleanliness of your house, the work you do, and the money you make. Be mindful of your health.
Feel okay about about your choices, even when the choices might not be considered the “best.” It’s okay. We’re all allowed to dabble in the dark side and do some fucked up shit. It’s part of the journey.
But when I say “Goddess Worship,” and that I want you to worship me- I want you to see how I have grown and continue to grow.
Use your observations as a model. Reframe them in whatever ways suit you best. 
Just take note. If you have followed me over the years, notice the ways in which my content has evolved. Also, the way my appearance has evolved, and the way my blogs or journal entries have evolved.
As we all are, I am forever a work in progress. But I think I’m a pretty darn beautiful work in progress.
And anyone who can see it in me can see it in themselves- because we’re all mirrors.
Happy Goddess Lycia Month. Enjoy the little game I put together for you below, and thank me for existing and for continuing to make myself available to you in the ways that I do.
Know that I appreciate all of you. Even when I’m calling you filthy, perverted, diddling weirdo freaks.

Many kisses,

Goddess Lycia

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It’s been a while since I made an Erotic Gifs matching game for my mooshkas! Of course, I want you coming to my site ALL THE TIME, spending hours searching through all my erotic content and buying up my Femdom audio and video files! Enjoy ♥

3 thoughts on “Worship Goddess Lycia

  1. i really love this journal entry, Goddess Lycia, Ma’am. You have a gift not just for domination but also for sharing about Yourself now and then as a person who has a life outside of the realm of our submissive daydreams about You and about Your rule over our minds and “creatures.”

    the pix are great too, You always surprise us with new types of images in styling, dress, lipstick color. Your eyes are not just powerful but soulful. and in the shot where You are standing over us, WOW! it’s like You’re on Your way out for a night of fun with Your AML, maybe at a bar or concert, and You are making sure Your naked cuckold slave BELOW YOU knows all his household chores must be completed p-p-PERFECTLY in Your absence.

    look forward to doing the new GIF matching game. hope i do better on this one than the last; as i recall, You pointed out my time was a little slow on the first one!

    thank You again, Goddess, for sharing Your creativity and beauty with us. a Very Happy Birthday to You.

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