Resistance is Silly

Resistance is Silly

Do you love my new site? Of course you do. It addicts you to looking through page after page- allowing my words, voice, and images to take over.  It compels you to shop all of my Femdom hypnosis and humiliation files, because you know that I am THE Goddess to serve.

As usual, I encourage you to try to resist indulging in your need for my velvet voice and and divine sexual power. Because we both know where that ultimately leads- you, more deeply enamored with me than ever before. Your craving to please me, because of who you are at your core.

You may not know it yet, but you are a slave. A slave to your innermost needs and desires. She has a name: Goddess Lycia. And she knows exactly how to get deep into your mind- to bring you more pleasure than you ever knew a human being could possibly feel.

Aren’t you lucky to have found me. If you’re a good boy- -and take the path of least resistance- -you will finally learn to think correctly.

legendary findomme
Above you

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