Using My Pillowy Lips Against You




Do you like my full, pillowy lips? And do you have a lipstick fetish? If so, you’re kinda sorta fucked.

Especially if you get weak from watching a sexy MILF Goddess with voluptuous cleavage applying lipstick while using her velvet voice to craft a spell of seduction.

I apply sensually, teasing you and encouraging you to masturbate to me. I remind you how much you crave my erotic control over you.

Only in your dreams would I literally use my pillowy lips *against* you- as in physically rubbing them round and round on your slut part until its covered in glossy red. Your mind would just obliterate from existence, as euphoric sensations consume every cell of your body.

However, I can still bring you into that blissful state of erotic need and submission, even with just a little fetish clip on the internet. Dont take my word for it though- watch and listen to find out for yourself.

Includes: pillowy lips, lipstick fetish, glossy red lips, voluptuous cleavage, Goddess worship, kissies, MILF Goddess, curvy Femdom, encouraged masturbation, seduction, mesmerizing

8:25 mins for $12.99

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