Tried to Stay Away




There are few certainties in this uncertain world, but one thing is for sure- you will always find yourself magnetically pulled back into the orbit of the most powerful and knowledgeable Femdom Goddess Lycia. You sometimes feel afraid that you’re falling too deep for her. You dream up silly little ideas like trying to stay away, trying to avoid the #1 internet Goddess of all time? Your struggle is super cute, sweetie.

Goddess Lycia KNOWS you. Goddess Lycia REMEMBERS what makes you tick and makes your circus animal twitch and throb. In this video masterpiece of entrancement and mind control, Goddess Lycia graciously explains the reasons why you’ll never really be able to stop spending. She seductively envelopes a cigarette tip with her glossy black lips and weakens your mind with her addictive and entrancing smoke.

You think you have a mind of your own and something called “free will,” but then realize the truth: you are nothing more than a moth to a flame, a mesmerized slave who repeatedly finds itself back on Goddess Lycia’s platforms after swearing that last time was the LAST time. It wasn’t, sweetie. It can never be. You’ll never be powerful enough to stay away, because your addiction to Goddess Lycia feels too good! That which you resist… will persist.

Includes: financial domination, money mistress, smoking fetish, lipstick fetish, black lipstick, gloss fetish, goddess worship, femdom, addict

6:24 mins. for $12.99

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