The Sissy Playroom




This is a hardcore brainwashing audio file for sissies who are curious to explore The Sissy Playroom. This is a place where sissies are trained into being even more obedient, ridiculous, and humiliated.

It all takes place on the 11th floor of an esoteric building. There are many rooms on this secret floor, including the Medical Training Room and the Mistress Café. But The Sissy’s Playroom is where hundreds of sissies come together to listen to female pop music, practice their makeup and girly mannerisms and giggle a whole lot.

Sounds like fun, right? It is, yet it is also monitored and controlled by cruel, sadistic Mistresses. While, it seems like a sweet Sissy haven at first, it is owned and operated by powerful women who derive amusement from the humiliating discipline of their Sissy bitches.

Step inside The Sissy Playroom (or is it The Sissy Asylum??) and become more of an ultra feminized, irrevocably brainwashed, horny and humiliated mess. With each listen, the effects will get stronger. Enjoy!

44:23 mins for $34.99

Includes: sissification, sissy brainwashing, feminization, chastity, orgasm denial, mind control, sissy humiliation


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