Owned by Lycia




Owned by Lycia

This Femdom hypnosis audio training file is for those who want to be an owned slave of Goddess Lycia.

I bring you into a relaxed state, and give suggestions that you are enslaved to me and addicted to my control.  Elements of chastity training, humiliation, financial domination and mind fucking are also included.

What makes this training session different than my others are the “safety suggestions.” If you are serious about being owned by me- -and if I am to consider you my slave- -I want you to be okay. What use are you to me if you’re jobless, incarcerated, or excessively inebriated?

So here you go. Listen to it, get all horny and fucked up, but understand I also give a portion of a shit. You will be okay even if you listen to my dangerously addictive files 💋

Includes: femdom hypnosis, mind fuck, orgasm control, chastity training, edging, gooning, humiliation, money mistress, goddess worship, enslavement, cruel yet caring Mistress, confession fetish

32 mins. for $34.99


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