No Way Out




No Way Out

Non-hypno. 3 hot young Dommes get you on the bed and force you to masturbate your small penis. We tickle, tease, and torture you until you are both laughing and crying, struggling to hold still for us while we giggle, call you names, and threaten you.

Girl #1 Is sweet and sadistic in her teasing and manipulative sexual humiliation and torture. you want to obey Her because she is so cute and pretty and sweet-sounding. Even though she is saying the most degrading and humiliating things to you, and in fact leading this whole torture session, you want to obey Her because she simply makes you weak.

Girl #2 Is a hot, dominant, verbally abusive bully. She incessantly reminds you how worthless and pathetic you are, and she threatens to cause immense physical pain if you disobey. you are afraid of Her, but the fear makes you even more horny.

Girl #3 Just can’t stop laughing at the whole thing. While girls 1 and 2 are in the foreground, #3 is in the background watching you and laughing Her ass off. She gradually joins in and abuses you with tickles and more giggles, and even plays with your penis for a while when you are tied up. But it’s only to tease you more, sweetie! No cumming!

Includes: small penis humiliation, tickle fetish, forced masturbation, exhibitionism fantasy, being watched, bondage, smoking/ash fetish, weak and helpless, shame and embarrassment, blackmail, tease and denial, tormenting laughter and giggles, verbal abuse, bullying, intense sexual arousal. 19 mins. for $24.99.

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