Micro Slave




Micro Slave

I hypnotize you, make you drink My special potion, and turn you into My 2-inch tall micro-boy slave. I can do whatever I want with you. Awww, looks like My micro-boy’s penis is stiff! And My areola is bigger than your face!

I have so much teasing fun with My naked micro slave! I love putting you in My pink, silky panties and getting you all moist, and I love playing with you like you are a puppet, tying strings to you arms and making you dance for Me *giggles* Micro Man is so hot, and he’s the best slave ever!

Also, whenever you are in My presence from now on (in any way, even just looking at My website) you will feel as if you are only 2-inches tall. you will see Me as huge and beautiful, and your penis will point like an arrow in My direction. *kiss*

Inclides: erotic hypnosis, giantess fetish, macrophilia, shrinking fetish, love and addiction, goddess worship, tease and denial, helplessness, subliminals, brainwashing, sweet and teasing Mistress who simply adores her cute and horny micro slave. 30 minutes for $34.99

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