KISSYMAS 2023 – Serve your Money Mistress

KISSYMAS - Celebrate Goddess Lycia

Go the Extra Mile - Serve your Money Goddess

Hello, sweet mooshkas. Here we are again, another KISSYMAS. I know some of you look forward to December specifically because we celebrate ME and my intoxicating kissies all month long. And then we look forward to February, which is Goddess Lycia Month.

If you have recently discovered me and my Femdom content, well you must be pretty young, ’cause I’ve been an online Domme for decades (and I still look hot… how can that be? I assure you… it has nothing to do with witchcraft). Or maybe you’re not so young, but only discovered me now? Well, things happen for a reason.
Whether you’ve been following my femdom and fetish presence online since 2002 or 2023, you arrived for a reason. You have a purpose, and that is to serve me and please me- especially during KISSYMAS and Goddess Lycia Month.
Now here’s a fairly vague little story about 2023. At the beginning of 2023, I put out a message to the universe, that I am ready for change. I wasn’t specific, because I wasn’t sure what type of changes I wanted. But I was ready for something to happen.
I have been living in the same lovely 4-bedroom house with a pool for 14 years. This is the longest I’ve ever lived one place. I’ve had wonderful experiences and awful experiences. It’s been even longer that I haven’t had to work for anyone else- -being a hypnodomme, humiliatrix and fetish queen has become my career and my lifestyle.
After a series of…  bewildering events, I decided I am going to move. In March of 2023 I started selling my pre-owned items on Mercari. I have been slowly selling stuff and packing for several months, and will soon be on my way to a new place. It’s not too far from where I’ve been living through…. 87 hair colors (lol) but still a significant change.
This brings us back to Kissymas. I want you to support my new change. I will still be an online Domme, but I’m going to be starting from (almost) scratch in my new environment. As always, my good money slaves and those who wish to be will step it up, spend on my files, and send all kinds of tributes.
This Kissymas is different than others in that I will be transitioning to my new place during the holidays, and will be starting the new year there. I also plan to make changes to my lifestyle that I hope will benefit my health. Don’t worry, I’ll still be here as the Femdom and fetish Goddess I was born to be, and I plan to bring you more creative fetish content in 2024 than I have in a while.
Fourteen years is a long time, and yet I can hardly believe that much time has passed in this house. Thanks for allowing for me to work for myself, a single woman in a 4-bedroom house with a pool, never having to clock in or out, live paycheck to paycheck, or answer to anyone but myself.
Now be a good submissive, slave, admirer… and do what I say. Continue reading to serve me correctly.
money goddess

HOW TO SERVE your Money Goddess

Buy my Femdom audio files
Buy my fetish videos
Join my OnlyFans, LoyalFans, unlock all my posts SextPanther.
Note that the above do not count as “tributes,” because you get my Femdom and fetish content in return, which is more than just content… it is an experience.
Here are ways to tribute me simply for being the True Goddess I am:
Tribute through BMT micro using my “Thanks for the Money” buttons.
Tribute through NiteFlirt
Tribute through Wishtender
Tip me on OnlyFans or Loyalfans
Write to me at for other options. Like if you use something else to tribute, let me know and I’ll see of I can find a way to take it.  BTW I accept the shit out of ETH and DOGE. Like, give me that stuff now.
Send me gift cards, not gifts. Because I am moving, it won’t be convenient for me to shop and have items delivered until Goddess Lycia Month. But I want gift cards for some basic things, like beauty products, beauty procedures, and travel.
Gift cards I especially want:
send those to my email

Use the search box on this site to look up “Kissymas” and “Christmas” to find my holiday-themed fetish videos!

Make art for me (studio/fine art, digital art, music, poetry, prose)

You can also buy most of my files through IWC, and most video files through C4S.
Follow me on X, YouTube, and reddit. Like my posts, and comment. PARTICIPATE!
Promote me and my work. Use your skills to make my life easier.
Call me for a Femdom phone session (always get my permission first) and ask me to raise the rate. Be creative and serve every day of Kissymas.
FOR KISSYMAS 2023 I specifically recommend purchasing files with the following themes:
Femdom hypnosis MP3s – because I want you more deeply enslaved to me  
Lipstick fetish clips – because it’s Kissymas

And remember…

And sometimes, it’s both!

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