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Hello sweet mooshkas! It’s that time of year again: KISSYMAS!

Have you seen my latest KISSYMAS-themed clip? It’s a lipstick fetish clip, and SO HOT. You want to keep warm this winter, so if you haven’t bought it yet… you are LATE… get it now.

Glossy Red Kissymas Drips

2019 has been a pretty productive year for Goddess. I created and released 11 erotic audio files and 7 erotic video files for all of you Femdom and fetish fiends to enjoy. Plus a fetish photo set and a humiliation game! I have certainly been keeping my mooshkas entertained. Also, be sure you have joined my OnlyFans, which is basically my new twitter.

I hope I’ve given you plenty of stellar orgasms. Or, if you are a chaste submissive, I hope I’ve made your chastity more enjoyable, fulfilling, and pleasantly frustrating.

It’s going to be the year 2020 in a few weeks. Holy moly… remember when that year sounded way to sci-fi to ever be true? If you don’t remember, you’re probably too young to be on my site, lol. Go worship Santa Claus, or someone more wholesome. Seemingly wholesome, that is. Santa is kinda sketchy, imo, but whatevs.

Anyhow, all my subbies and fans are supposed to be celebrating KISSYMAS for all of December. Some of you have already been extra tributing and gifting me, which means you are thinking and behaving correctly!


The rest of you need to hop on board and enjoy the SEXIEST holiday of the season, which is obviously KISSYMAS.

Visit my tribute page, where you can find several ways to send me gifts and money, which I know you love to do.

Buy any and all of my erotic files that interest you. I have a really cool new lipstick fetish clip coming up before the end of the year!

Talk soon, sweeties *mwah*

~Goddess Lycia

My CHRISTMAS & KISSYMAS-Themed Fetish Clips


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