“Just Drags” Smoking Fetish Trance

"Just Drags" Smoking Fetish Trance

I have a smoking fetish slave who is addicted to buying custom clips of me smoking cigarettes with red, glossy lips.

Because the customs are very personalized, I have not released them for sale to the public. But I didn’t want a whole bunch of sexy smoking fetish footage to never be seen by anyone else!

So I decided to do some editing- -extracting only the drags and puffs of smoke from eight different custom clips- -to create something new.

The unseen footage is arranged in a mesmerizing fashion, and I created a relaxing voice-over to entrance you and encourage deeper servitude to Goddess Lycia.

Includes: smoking fetish, lipstick fetish, reg glossy lips, fingernail fetish, gloved smoking, mesmerize, goddess worship

16 mins for $19.99

Purchase through:
Goddess WorshipNiteFlirt

One thought on ““Just Drags” Smoking Fetish Trance

  1. I just loved all of this –
    Just Drags
    smoking fetish trance.
    It is perfect.
    I really loved how she lit her
    cigarette with a match,
    and smoked it with her
    beautifully red highly glossed kips

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