Hey- MONEY SLAVE. Goddess Lycia has enhanced your life with Femdom hypnosis, erotic humiliation, tease and denial, sissification, lipstick fetish and MORE for over a decade. What have you done for ME lately?

Money Slaves, STEP UP

What the fuck, mooshkas? I know you can do so much better by me. 

Kissymas was barely passable. Some of you were turd-wankers and didn’t do a damned thing… which is super-duper gross and has been TOTALLY weighing on your conscience, silently causing turmoil in your life that would otherwise be absent. 

Yet still you try to repress and deny it- -like an idiot who hasn’t yet learned- -even after all my teachings. 


You had better fucking redeem yourselves throughout ALL of February. By now you should know that February is MY MONTH, because it is the month of both Valentine’s Day (February 14th) and My Birthday (February 23rd).

I’m going to tell you what I fucking want, and you are going to do it for me. Why? Because I HAVE CHANGED YOUR LIFE. I have brought arousal, orgasms, and MAGICK to you year after year, and you KNOW I fucking deserve EVERYTHING I want. 

You also know you could be doing MUCH MORE to contribute to my happiness, and that you will feel a HUGE fucking dark cloud lift away from your life once you get back on track and serve properly.


Seriously… take a plunge on YOUR GODDESS and feel the weight lifted. Even though you gross me out with your shit behavior, I do care about your well-being. And if you think I am talking about you right now…you are correct.

I am a kind, sweet, benevolent Financial Domme…probably to my detriment. Therefore, I am going to be a bitch until you straighten up your fucking act and get back where you BELONG, dear mooshkas.

Quit being cheap. Quit wanking to clips of girls you have no connection with other than The Wank Connection. You know I am a GODDESS, in more ways than one. And you either love me or have a profound crush on me. So act on it, in a manner that benefits me and enhances my quality of life. 

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February is My Month

A financial fetish and lip gloss-themed reminder to my admirers that February is MY month, and you must do your best to serve and please. I flirt with your body, mind, and wallet, and you eventually find yourself weak, helpless, and needing to tribute. *kiss* 4:09 minutes for $14.99

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This is What I WANT

The main thing I want- -which you SHALL provide- -is MONEY. I have specific goals toward which the money you tribute will go. It would be wonderful if any one money slave could cover any one of the following items completely. If that’s possible, let me know. And if not, then tell me which of my goals you are contributing towards.

FUNDS FOR BEAUTY PROCEDURES – These are ongoing, and some are quite costly. Aside from nails, hair, and skin treatments, I plan to get a boob job…hopefully this year. I could also use some maintenance on the full-body laser hair removal I got a couple years ago. Beauty isn’t cheap, and if you like looking at me, you are expected to help provide towards my beautification procedures.

PAY OFF MY CAR – So I’ve been paying this car off for several years, like $400 per month, and still have about two years left. I currently owe about $13k, although that amount increases with interest, the longer I take to pay it. What a relief it would be to just get the car paid off, and have that extra $400 per month to go towards something else, like a new wardrobe, and my retirement investments. 

FUNDS FOR A VACATION – As I’ve mentioned before…Goddess loves to travel. If I could, I’d hit up at least four different places this year. The priority is to go back to NY to visit my family. I’d also love to visit my friends in Canada, my friends in Florida, and take another road trip with my sister to California. At the very least, I want plane tickets, lodging, and a rental car for a week-long trip to New York.

FUNDS FOR EDUCATION– I love taking classes and learning new things, and this year I hope to takemore than usual. Some classes I take are for creative writing and various visual arts. I’ve been practicing guitar lately, and am interested in taking in person lessons (rather than just using YouTube tutorials). And I am also looking into fun fitness classes, like yoga, pilates, and belly dancing. My interests range beyond that, but to give you an idea, those subjects are at the forefront, at this time.

And just so you know, I can make a lot of that list work, with or without your February tributes. But as a GOOD BOY, you want to make things easier for me. It doesn’t matter if financial domination is a fetish for you. You admire me, and if you have any means whatsoever, you will personally feel rewarded through your contributions. 

ALWAYS REMEMBER: SERVING ME IS ITS OWN REWARD. If I ever do anything extra for you, it’s because I want to. And if you pressure me, I am much less likely to want to.


Goddess Lycia

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Because each of these options adds up to several thousand dollars, I am assigning them random contribution amounts.

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Foot Freak Valentine

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