Findomme Celebration – Goddess Lycia Month

GODDESS LYCIA MONTH - February of '23

Legendary Findomme Celebration

Serve your Femdom Goddess

FEBRUARY is the month of both Valentine’s Day and My Birthday! As your Hypnotic Findomme Goddess, I command you to SERVE and CELEBRATE!

Valentine’s Day – 2/14/23
My Birthday – 2/23/23 (cool looking numbers, right?)

Why would you, dear visitor, celebrate Goddess Lycia Month? Well, I am a Legendary Online Domme with a large audience, and have been a huge part of the reason online slaves have experienced pleasure that nobody else can bring them.

Because there’s only ONE Domme like me (although others try to emulate, I’ve been told) it simply makes sense to honour ME.

So what do we DO, to celebrate a Femdom Iconoclast during the Month known for LOVE, and also the month in which I was brought into existence?

If you’re a Diddlefreak, you’ll continue to diddle. All of my Chastity Slaves will remain denied orgasm. Those who are a little of both will continue to diddle without orgasm.

The difference with February is your acute focus on adoration and servitude. Your admiration of me and need to please me is extra magnified- consistently throughout the whole month.

If you want to be a good mooshka, keep scrolling to read more about ALL I WANT FOR GODDESS LYCIA MONTH.

Hello mooshkas! Your favorite hypnodomme, humiliatrix, and lipstick fetish Goddess here, with a Findom blog post!

In case you are new (or need reminding) we do this every year. Kissymas (the whole month of December) is our early winter holiday, and February is Goddess Lycia Month, which is to be taken even more seriously! 

GLM Findomme Audio Greeting!

Goddess Lycia – Famous Findomme specializing in erotic hypnosis, humiliation, tease and denial, lipstick fetish, and more!

NEW! "Thanks for the Money" MP3s via Goddess Worship

Each one comes with a 5-10 seconds long mp3 where I say thanks for the amount you just spent on me!

Actual Legendary and Famous Hypnodomme

How to Serve your Goddess

My Findom Wants

Financial Hypnosis
Financial Dominatrix playing with cash

What I want has changed over the past (omg) 20+ years. For 2023, I put more thought into what I want from my mooshkas, because I want more things that last in value. I hope you will do your best to make my desires more attainable, therefore exhibiting what it means to be my true money slave.

As always, I want you to purchase my Femdom audio files and Fetish videos. Splurge.

Additionally, I invite you to join my OnlyFans or my LoyalFans

Visit my Tribute Page for options to gift me cash, or keep scrolling  for a bunch of payment buttons to click! 

Specific Gift Ideas

WISHTENDER WISHLIST – Stuff I really want! Much of it is more targeted to my wealthy money slaves.

AMAZON WISHLIST – See my HIGHEST PRIORITY Amazon wishlist. I have other Amazon wishlists, but my HIGHEST PRIORITY list is the one to buy from at this time.

Classic “February” video ~ Check it out if you haven’t yet. Or check it out again!

Vintage "February is My Month" Findom Video

Findomme Goddess Mesmerism Eye Candy


NEW! "Thanks for the Money" MP3s via Goddess Worship

Each one comes with a 5-10 seconds long mp3 where I say thanks for the amount you just spent on me!

Tribute Through NiteFlirt

Tribute Through iWantClips

Tribute Through Clips4Sale

It's So Super Easy to Tribute through NiteFlirt

Your Findomme Goddess Deserves the Best

Gift Ideas for Wealthy Money Slaves & Artists (LOL)

Aside from tattoo removal (below) I also get my hair, fingernails, and toesies done on a regular basis. As needed, I get more expensive beauty procedures such as laser skin treatments. 

The flower on my tit is more than halfway gone, it just needs to be finished off. An upcoming consultation at a new place will give me more info on cost and number of sessions left.

I’d be cool with something around $300-$500k. My goal is to live somewhere more northern during the summers, and then back to a desert climate for the rest of the year. 

I love silver rounds, specifically silver bullion coins. They might go up in value, and I already collect them. The unique array of silver bullion coins is visually beautiful and pleasing to hold in my hand, and they each have a story.

I do not own any gold (rounds or bars) but would REALLY like to. Gold is far more expensive than silver, and also far rarer. It would be something I’d want gifted to me, rather than buying myself.

Precious gems are freaking beautiful, even if a tiny bit costs 50k. I mean, I collect some beautiful rocks, like quartz and amethyst, but they don’t sparkle like gemstones. Plus, the gemstones I want are likely to go up in value. 

Gifts for Goddess

Me and my mooshkas have been celebrating the whole month of February for over a decade! –Goddess Lycia

Visual art, poetry and prose, music… any art that I inspire you to make. I consider this a very special form of tribute from my most creative mooshkas.

If you’re a mooshka with a platform and a voice in the Femdom and fetish community, I love to be promoted. The really good money slaves will find me more easily, and general customers can be introduced (or re-introduced) to my Femdom content.
I’ve been invested since 2020, but haven’t had a slave tribute me in crypto yet. I believe the cryptos I hold are worthy investments, so if you’re into it, tribute me in crypto!
Have I mentioned I love to travel? There are far too many places I have yet to visit, not to mention the places I absolutely MUST revisit (New Orleans, London, Hawaii). If you want pay for a whole trip, let me know. Otherwise, contribute by sending gift cards from the following places:

Send gift cards to, or write to me privately to make arrangements.

A Few of My Favorite Femdom Fetish Clips

A Must Have for True Slaves of Goddess Lycia

goddess worship

Be warned. This is a real conditioning file that will bind your arousal exclusively to aspects of me. You will find yourself obsessing over me and unable to feel any kind of arousal for any other woman. This is a genuine brainwashing file for boys who want to fall deeper down the rabbit hole and let me condition their minds to a very deep level. Using my beauty and intense powerful induction techniques, I will access your subconscious and implant irreversible triggers. Buy this file only if you want your brain to be irreversibly changed. But you do want that, don’t you sweetie? Good boy.

Includes: Femdom hypnosis, love and addiction, Goddess Worship, Goddess Lycia fetish, slave training, mesmerize, mental domination, devotion, face fetish, hair fetish, eyes fetish, lips fetish, hands fetish, lace gloves, cleavage, kissies

19:38 mins for $23

Purchase through:
Goddess WorshipNiteFlirt

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