Financial Domination – I’m in it for the MONEY






With or without regard to the topic of financial domination, do you think that Goddess Lycia is here for… not money?

Were you under the impression that I would enjoy chatting for for free? Maybe because you think you are an especially engaging conversationalist or exceptionally handsome?

Did you think that buying my Femdom files, sending tributes and gifts, and calling for phone domination would ultimately lead to us meeting and… fucking?

I am just checking, sweetie. Because if your answer is “yes” to any of the aforementioned questions, I might need to do some bubble bursting.

Now, truth be told- I get a lot more out of being a Cyber Mistress than just money. Being a Hypnodomme, Humiliatrix, and Fetish Goddess is rewarding in a number of ways.

It is a creative outlet, and it is empowering. I can enjoy interacting and connecting with many of my clients and submissives. And BDSM has always been an authentic interest and passion of mine.

But you must know that it is my job. Everything I do online as Goddess Lycia, Wallet Domme, or Lipstick Domme is how I make a living. How bills get paid.

So, is a Financial Domme someone who just sits on her ass, commands money, and gets paid in return for nothing? Isn’t financial domination the stupidest thing ever- for a man to pay a woman who did nothing to earn the money? Are money slaves all just retards without a clue?

Anyone who thinks like that is the clueless one. Not necessarily stupid, but definitely ignorant. I am thinking specifically about certain male friends who hear the phrase “financial domination” and automatically express that it is such a ridiculous concept.

I know that I have put my all into my job as a Cyber Mistress. I taught myself to build and manage websites. I taught myself audio and video recording, editing, and troubleshooting. I have studied psychology and sexuality. I have studied business and marketing.

I have spent decades honing and improving my practice. And I also sell actual products and services, such as my Femdom hypnosis audio files, lipstick fetish videos, and phone sessions.

Almost everything I do is somehow related to my job as an Online Domme. I put in real effort and hard work. There are people who see that, and appreciate it. There are those who find me and my work to be interesting, exciting, and sexy. Maybe these people have a financial fetish, and maybe not. But they all have a damn good reason to pay.

money mistress

Are you one of those people who thinks financial domination is “ridiculous,” and that money slaves are “stupid?” If so, what better decisions have you made, fiscally speaking? What would you prefer to spend your hard-earned cash on?

Do you spend your money on drugs, alcohol, and fast food? How about the girl who cheated on you and left, or some other scenario where a woman abused your generous nature, and now it’s over. What about cable television- -that most absurd form of mass-media brainwashing- -that you should have cancelled ten years ago?

Think about all the money you’ve handed over to corporations- feeding the greed of rich white men who pay their laborers dirt in exchange for their souls.

Laborers who toil 40-80 hours a week for minimum wage- -doing something they hate- -so you can have your plastic doohickey from China. 

All that has to be way more appealing than contributing to the life of a woman who is doing what she loves, who is passionate about her work. Where you can see the direct benefit of your money not only in my online presence and in my erotic products, but in my life.

Go ahead and reflect on all you’ve spent on things far less enjoyable and meaningful. On experiences that fell flat in comparison to the experience I provide. 

Reflect if you need to, and then give in- like the smart ones do. 

*multiple kissies*

Goddess Lycia

financial domme

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While you are entranced, I instill My Rules as an Online Domme- what you are expected to do in order to please me. When you are behaving correctly, you will feel wonderful, euphoric sensations. If you engage in unwanted behaviors, you will feel a strong sense of guilt and shame, which will prevent you from doing the same again.

Poor sweeties- you’ve been confused. All this erotic material and writing in all these different places- what’s a subbie to do? Here’s your long-awaited and desperately needed solution. Listen, and your True Path will be illuminated.

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One thought on “Financial Domination – I’m in it for the MONEY

  1. Hello,

    Hope you’re not getting this twice. I left a comment last night but in the middle of it the screen jumped and everything disappeared.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to say that your take on financial domination & related fetishes is really sharp and I think, right on the money(tsk) as it’s obvious you have spent a lot of time and hard work on perfecting your art and craft. As I’ve said in comments before, you are sui generis, with your remarkable insight into submissive males minds and how to stimulate, goad, tease, please, inspire, and control far beyond anything I’ve ever encountered. Your skills are overwhelming and, while you make it seem effortless, real beyond one’s wildest expectations, and so so stimulating, it’s obvious that such advanced expertise does not appear out of thin air.
    You deserve the financial benefits you reap. Would that I were a multi-millionaire.
    Yours sincerely,

    toesie-nosie bobby

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