In this Femdom hypnosis session, Goddess Lycia takes you on a two-part transformative journey.

First, you become the girliest of sissy girls- the most delicate, innocent, and ultra-feminine being. In other words, you become the type of sissy girl who walks in tiny, mincing steps. You love everything dainty and prissy, like silk ruffles in pastel colors.

Once you are trained as a gentle and pure sissy girl, I guide you to the second part of your journey: The Corruption. During the corruption, you transform from your innocent female self to a hyper-aroused bimbo slut. For instance, you will be the kind of sissy bitch that has big, fake tits and craves to twerk on stage in front of an audience.

To summarize, what was once your “normal” self first becomes extremely feminized, and then what was once your inner girly-girl becomes a total bimbo whore with an insatiable sex drive.

These transformations take place within the audio session. However, you will be given a trigger for each of your newly programmed feminine states of being. When you are triggered, you immediately go into either your innocent prissy-girl self or your horny bimbo slut self, respectively.

Includes: femdom hypnosis, feminization, sissification, prissification, corruption, bimbofication, transformation, ENF, objectification

43:39 mins. for $39.99

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