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Goddess Lycia's Reselling

Seperately from my ebanned auctions, I’ve started re-selling items on Mercari.

So far, I’ve mostly listed books on sexuality, kink and Femdom. Some Femdom literature I currently have up includes how-to guides for Mistresses’ and Dominatrices, as well as Femdom memoirs.

Mercari is like Ebay or Poshmark, where people can resell stuff. It’s only within the USA right now, though. I figure it would be fun to dip a toe(sie) into reselling stuff, and also give you all a peek at my library and personal belongings, with the opportunity to own them!

Stuff is reasonably priced. Shipping for books is on me.

Keep up on what I am selling here >>> Goddess Lycia on MERCARI

Femdom Literature for Sale Now

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