goddess worship

Be warned. This is a real conditioning file that will bind your arousal exclusively to aspects of me. You will find yourself obsessing over me and unable to feel any kind of arousal for any other woman. This is a genuine brainwashing file for boys who want to fall deeper down the rabbit hole and let me condition their minds to a very deep level. Using my beauty and intense powerful induction techniques, I will access your subconscious and implant irreversible triggers. Buy this file only if you want your brain to be irreversibly changed. But you do want that, don’t you sweetie? Good boy.

Includes: Femdom hypnosis, love and addiction, Goddess Worship, Goddess Lycia fetish, slave training, mesmerize, mental domination, devotion, face fetish, hair fetish, eyes fetish, lips fetish, hands fetish, lace gloves, cleavage, kissies

19:38 mins for $23

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Goddess WorshipNiteFlirt

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