“Teasing Penis Kissies” Video

Teasing Penis Kissies

This fetish clip was requested by an admirer:

I’m tied down, then you start applying a creamy lipstick with a clear lipgloss. After that, you start kissing my penis softly, as you keep applying lipstick and lipgloss. In the end, I want my penis to be covered with your kiss marks. I want to feel completely dominated since I’m your slave. Can you wear black velvet dress with lace gloves please? I would like my penis to feel the softness of your black velvet dress sometimes. You can say whatever you want since I’m just a slave. Like, you are trying to make your slave think that you could give him a blowjob but you end up denying the blowjob to him at the end of the video. Like, you are just trying to make him suffer and make his dick hard as he is tied down and helpless.

11:32 mins for $16.99

Includes: lipstick fetish, tease and denial

Purchase through:
Goddess WorshipNiteFlirt

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