Femdom RULES

Don't Be an Asshat

I Have Rules and Boundaries

I am happy to learn about yours, and whether or not you want them pushed.

Here are mine, and let it be known that I do NOT want them pushed.

  1. Before you call me for a phone session, write to me first through NF email or chat. If I do not recognize your username, I will decline the call.
  2. Small talk on NF chat (or any other chat) without tributes or purchases is a waste of my time. Refrain from starting up a chat with me if you do not intend to tribute, buy my files, or call.
  3. Talking to me like a lover, asking if I am wet, telling me you want to lick my pussy or cum inside me…ew. If you do that, I will be grossed out and ignore.
  4. Excessively mentioning how much you wish you could meet me in r/l, how much you would spoil me, etc. I don’t care, and it makes me feel pressured. 
  5. Using my birth name ever, or even just “Lycia.” Use “Goddess” or “Mistress” or nothing at all.
  6. Refrain from calling me “Princess.” It’s just annoying, because that’s not how I identify, so you’re obviously mixing me up with someone else.
  7. Standing me up is a big no-no. Which is why I hardly ever schedule appointments, so it doesn’t tend to be a huge issue. Still, it deserves mentioning.
  8. Expecting me to send files I’ve already sent or you’ve already bought without tribute is annoying. Like you’re a guy on the couch with his beer expecting me to run around doing unnecessary work for you. Find the file yourself, buy it again, or tribute for my extra time and effort.
  9. Hanging up without saying goodbye. Honestly, this is retardedly common. The guy squirts without permission, or his “wife comes home,” or whatever excuse. And I really don’t expect it to stop being a thing. Just know that I remember, and it makes me like you less.
  10. Telling me what you will do for me in the future. Manipulative, and usually a lie. Just do the nice thing for me.

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Asshat? Can't follow simple rules? Wank to the truth.

There’s more, and I might update this entry or make another in the future, on the topic. But keep those ten in mind as you interact with me. If you intentionally break those rules, I know why. And in that case, you can just suck a fuck somewhere else *kissies*


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