Self SISSY Help




Self SISSY Help

This brainwashing audio file will help you become a more happy, healthy sissy. If you already identify as a sissy, this session will assist you in becoming even girlier, but in a beneficial way. If you aren’t yet a sissy, this session will turn you into one, with the positive intention of bringing you more deeply in touch with your feminine side.

You will be encouraged to exercise on a regular schedule, to treat your body to proper nutrition, and to always keep good hygiene. You will take much more pleasure in keeping yourself well-groomed, and in maintaining a clean and organized living environment.

You will also be encouraged to wear feminine attire on a regular basis (at least 3 times per week), including panties, hosiery, and bras. These can be worn in private, or under regular clothes, if you wish. You will also routinely need to use a dildo (or other phallic object) in either one or both of your orifices, to better learn how a girl feels during penetration.

Overall, this session will assist you in feeling more in touch with your emotions, and you will experience a greater sense of compassion for yourself an others. You will also have a consistent, strong urge to send handwritten greeting cards to loved ones through postal mail, for any occasion or reason. The mushier, the better.

There will also be a strengthened correlation between our feminine behaviors and sexual arousal.

Includes: feminization, crossdressing, sissification, brainwashing

31:27 minutes for $34.99

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