This was a custom file order which didn’t specify exclusivity, so it is for sale much cheaper for you than it was for him!

Goddess, I’m requesting a gooning mind fuck loop audio clip, featuring some of your trigger words. The idea is a short audio file to be looped while gooning, and never coming. Please include the triggers deep sleep, sweetie, stiff and rigid, tingle, throb, ache, and velvet scarf. Please command that I stroke slowly, never speeding up. Basically I’d like 5 minutes of trigger words, kissies, teasing, moaning, and humiliation for how pathetic I am, and how horny and achey you’re making me. I want to be trapped in this goon loop, while you sexually torment me to the point of tears. Thank you Goddess.

Includes: tease and denial, mind fuck, edging, gooning, humiliation, trigger words, kissies, moaning

6:40 mins. for $9.99

Purchase through:
Goddess WorshipNiteFlirt


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