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Humiliation Brainwashing for Perverted Weirdos

Admit it: you LIVE for humiliation. You need to be embarrassed and shamed, and turned into more of a perverted weirdo by Goddess Lycia. This is what you want and what you crave. You are a humiliation junkie who NEEDS to be mind fucked beyond repair and turned into a whole new creature. WOW, you are horny already, knowing how much I am going to arouse you and manipulate you with my unique brand of INTENSE erotic humiliation and psychological reprogramming.

You will need a lipstick, lip-liner, or marker that is either pink or red (for a body writing task), a mirror (preferably full length), and a humiliating item of clothing or accessory.

Includes: humiliation, body-writing, humiliation tasks, verbal abuse, financial humiliation, mind-fucking, sissification, masturbation instruction, tease and denial, orgasm denial, brainwashing, fetish conditioning, perverted weirdo rituals. 32:48 minutes for $34.99

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(Financial Domination / FinDomme Worship)

your mind forever playing tricks on you. you know you shouldn’t love me.. but you cant stop.

The more you try to stay away from my web.. the more it lures you in.

you ache to call me your own Goddess… I might allow you to do that, IF you earn that honor.

I’m always looking for that one… that very special ONE. If you’re very lucky, you might just get my attention.


Seductive Financial Goddess

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