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September 2014
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Hypnotic Spiral Submission


One of my passions is erotic hypnosis. I know this comes as no surprise to all of you, but I often feel the need to express my passion over and over again, in many different ways. I love having the power to use my words to better someones life, to change their thoughts completely, to make them do things that they could not do without my guidance. I love being able to help a person explore their deepest fetishes, and make them feel as if they are a reality. I love the control, the power, the pure electric bliss that comes from being a Goddess who excels at the art of erotic hypnosis. I already know the powerful effect that my words have on your mind and your body, especially if you have been trained with my erotic hypnosis mp3s, or have participated in phone or text erotic hypnosis sessions with me.

Even if you haven’t had the opportunity to do so, just reading my blogs, listening to my samples, watching my youtube videos, and reading all of my interactions on social media will have great effect on you, until the day comes where you can surrender to your Mistress even further. Your mind and your body has been trained, or shortly after reading and listening to me, will be trained to respond to my words. They will be trained to my commands, to my hypnotic suggestions and hypnosis triggers. Even as you are reading my words, you may find that your conscious mind starts to wander, yet your subconscious mind, I can assure you, will be picking up exactly what I want it to. You will never know how I do this, but each one of my blogs, and each one of my erotic hypnosis mp3s, are designed to target your subconscious mind, in order to remember what I need it to remember, and forget to remember what I require it to. There is nothing you have to do to experience this, other than just read my words, listen to my voice, and continue to feel yourself letting go to me. Understanding that there comes a time when it is just so much easier for me to think for you. It feels so good, doesn’t it?

It will feel even better.. Now I want you to obey me like a good slave. You crave to be a good slave for Goddess Haylee so badly don’t you? I want you, after reading my words, to scroll back up to the top of this post, and allow yourself to let your eyes focus on the middle of my hypnotic spiral. Clear all of your thoughts, remove all distractions , play one of my erotic hypnosis mp3s if you have them ( Choose your favorite, or loop all of the ones you have), relax your body, and let your conscious mind wander. You can blink, and feel your eyes getting sleepy and relaxed, just allow yourself to continue to focus on this spiral. Enchanting, hypnotic thoughts of submission and arousal for me, to me, will take place in your mind. I want you to just let them appear in your mind, and see where they go. Focus for as long as you can, for as long as it feels pleasurable, and then let it be known exactly how good it felt to do this for me.

Please me

Obey ME

Give in to me

Surrender to me

Submit to me

~Hypnotic Haylee



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4th Annual MARILYN VIGIL: “Hold a Good Thought for Me”

If women didnt exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning. -Aristotle Onassis


I will be lighting candles on August 4th in memory of THE Luminescent Marilyn Monroe, I will keep these candles lit in a vigil from 10 p.m PST to 4 a.m, on August 5th, during Marilyn’s final hours. Follow Me on TWITTER to keep abreast of the details, and to celebrate the life of Marilyn with Me in the early morning hours of August 5th.

The theme of this years MARILYN VIGIL is “Hold a Good Thought for Me”, something Marilyn often whispered to her acting coach or friends when she was nervous before a movie scene.

During this 6 hour LIVE event I will be sharing Marilynette stories, posting images and videos of Marilyn Monroe, and watching Marilyn movies, along with a few of My close friends, and other Marilyn fans across the world. I will be posting EXCLUSIVELY during the event both in My Personal Forum, and on the official MARILYN VIGIL twitter. Be sure to follow this twitter account so you don’t miss a thing!

For this years Vigil, I will be making a trip to MARILYN MECCA, staying in the Marilyn Monroe Suite of this hotel Marilyn herself spent much time in, lighting candles there in her memory!! Yes, the MARILYN VIGIL will be broadcast LIVE from Hotel Marilyn!!!!

I have chosen BUS STOP on Blu-Ray as My Marilyn movie selection for this years event. I’ll be wearing a glittering ensemble and sparkling jewels in memory of Marilyn during the Vigil and toasting to her memory with DOM PERIGNON in the very suite in which she stayed!!

 Don’t miss your chance to be involved by CONTRIBUTING to My INDULGENT LUXURY Party!! Each slave which contributes will receive an EXCITINGLY CLANDESTINE email surprise filled with exclusive photos of My revelry, which NO ONE else will get to see.. private glimpses of My sumptuous indulgence in Marilyn Monroe’s Suite!

This CLANDESTINE PRIVATE EMAIL will also include an EXCLUSIVE SECRET PERSONAL VIDEO not available to ANYONE else but those who participate!

 To participate, click & pay one or all of the 5 items below to contribute to My LUXURIOUS PARTY! The luxury tribute selections vary in price, and all tributes include the exciting INTERACTIVE CLANDESTINE EMAIL SURPRISE detailed above INCLUDING My EXCLUSIVE SECRET VIDEO which will NEVER be available at any other time, and ONLY sent to those who participate!

Tribute for Precious BAUBLES for My Marilyn Monroe Champagne Party!! Tribute for 24kt Edible GOLD for My Marilyn Monroe Champagne Party!! Tribute Bubbly for My Marilyn Champagne Party! Tribute CAVIAR for My Marilyn Monroe Champagne Party! Tribute Fine Delicacies for My Marilyn Monroe Champagne Party!

This celebration will come to a finale at 4 am when we listen to MARILYN MONROE’S EULOGY by Lee Strasberg, please bookmark it and watch along with Me at 4 a.m. I encourage you to have your own personal celebration of Marilyn’s life along with Me.. we keep her memory alive in our remembrance.

For the entire world, she became a symbol of the Eternal Feminine” – Lee Strasberg, Marilyn’s friend, confidante, acting coach, and director of the famed Actor’s Studio

RIP Marilyn Monroe – your laughter & luminescence lingers on



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