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October 2014
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Celebrity Findom HALLOWEEN SLUMBER PARTY!! Theme Party: “Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History”

Date: Sunday, October 26
Time: 7-9 P.M. Pacific Time

Details: Celebrity Findoms & Findom Stars wear your cutest PJ’s or most scandalously fierce HALLOWEEN COSTUMES and get ready to share your favourite images and stories of dangerously independent, individualistic and fearless women!

~> The theme of this event is “Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History”. A virtual SHOW AND TELL Halloween Edition!

Think: Rebels * Artists * Political Activists * Shockingly Outrageous Performers * Living Works of Art * Haughty Imperialistic Monarchs * Capricious Muses * and any other “Misbehaved Women” you can think of!

Here’s how: Share your favourite images and stories of dangerously independent, femininely free-thinking, scandalously misbehaved women throughout the ages. Who are YOUR favourites and WHY?

Bring your own: Pastel-frosted pastries, powdery-sugared cakes, imperialistic confections, elegant bonbons, champagne truffles, pumpkin spice lattes, spiced apple cider, candied apples, and any other festive hors d’oeuvres you simply MUST-HAVE! Let’s misbehave! It’s a party of INDULGENCE!

bring your wallets and get ready to TREAT US to our favourite gifts and goodies while you eavesdrop on our slumber party chatter! In fact, we require your interaction completely, it is YOUR job to compliment our selections and ooo and ahhh over our stories! OMG you can hardly wait!

When this event is LIVE, on October 26, join in the interactive fun by visiting us in the EVENT FORUM here in our club! You will see the event is already posted, waiting to begin, but the doors are locked until October 26 at 7 pm PST!

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Massive Ca$h Extractions

It’s been a while since I wrote a journal entry just for this site, so I figure it’s about time! I’ve been really delving into financial domination lately, more so than ever before. I used to consider myself a Hypnodomme and Humiliatrix who “dabbles in” financial domination. I mean, I always enjoyed it, but I didn’t consider myself a pure Financial Domme, through and through. I saw how some of my friends worked their boyz, and I just didn’t feel the drive to keep pushing. Like, I would have rather made a new Femdom hypnosis audio file and make a few grand off of people buying it than sit around with one guy and manipulate/seduce until I got a few grand from him.

But that changed! I still consider myself a Hypnodomme and Humiliatrix, but I don’t feel like making an audio file right now. I feel like digging my claws into wallets and bank accounts and extracting as much as I can within a short period of time. And I’ve been doing really well, lately. I don’t have the wherewithal to go through all my financial archives, taking screenshots of who spent what over such and such period of time. But it has been boy after boy sending tribute after tribute, buying gifts off my wishlist, and coming back for more.

I still remember my very first $50 tribute, way back when. OMG I was SO THRILLED. Someone finally just sent me $50 for no reason other than to pay tribute to the Goddess being I am. It took me like 2 years of doing phone sessions and establishing myself online before I ever got a tribute. And now, look what you boyz have done to me. Nowadays, I won’t turn down your $50, but it’s not going to impress me. I am SPOILED. If I make $500 off of a financial slave in a night, I am sort of pleased. If I make $1,000 off a guy in one night, I feel a sense of pride. But it is taking more and more to get me excited. And the more I take, the more I WANT.

I guess I just want to say how much fun I’ve been having with financial domination. It really is an exciting fetish. If you are a submissive male with some money, and you’re feeling kinda bored with your life, I really recommend getting your wallet drained. And I have to give a shout out to my two Femdom besties, who are also the most skilled Financial Dommes online, Mz Devon and Capitalistic Blonde. If you aren’t spending on me, then spend on them. And in case you need a reminder, my primary websites are:

http://www.goddesslycia.com and http://www.lipstickdomme.com

I encourage you to take your time exploring my websites. Learn about me, buy some audio files and video files. Get to know me. And once you begin to feel the addiction, contact me and ask how you might serve me better. And for those of you who are already addicted to me, well it will only get stronger. Addiction inevitably becomes irrevocable enslavement *kiss*

financial domme

Lots of love,

Goddess Lycia

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