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It doesn’t really matter whether or not financial domination is your thing. 

It’s quite alright if you do not consider yourself a ‘money slave.’

But guess what, sweetie?

You’re on my Goddess Worship site- and I am a Financial Domme. 

It can’t be easy holding back that expanding part of you that desperately needs to tribute now.

But you can try.

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Send Gift Cards – They sell practically everything there is to buy. I have received thousands of items from Amazon over the years, including clothing, lingerie, makeup, bath products, perfume, jewelry, gloves, boots, heels, hosiery, and furniture.

ETSY – Etsy is a place to buy handmade items and vintage items, such as accessories and jewelry. The items are all so unique, because they are either handmade by independent, small businesses, or because they are hard-to-find vintage items.

Sephora – MAKEUP! One of my favorite stores in the world.

American Airlines – Goddess *loves* to travel. I live in America, but I have traveled to Italy, France, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Canada. I’ve taken a number of trips to Hawaii, and love to travel within the United States.

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Seriously, though. Tribute NOW.