Messy Lipstick Mindfuck




Such a sexy Goddess with full, glossy red lips shows you how well she can suck. She looks undeniably HOT doing it! But you are so confused, because the footage also contains factors that make you feel incredibly submissive and inferior.

She makes you want her, but you know you can’t have her. You are NOT Goddess Lycia’s lover- you are a servant and a cuckold. Sound erotic? If so, GOOD! If not, learn to love it *kissies*

Includes: glossy red lips, messy lipstick, dildo blowjob, high heel fetish, foot fetish, toesies, pantyhose fetish, slave humiliation, mind fuck, tease and denial, cuckolding, moaning, laughing, cameltoe fetish

6:33 mins. for $16.99

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Goddess WorshipNiteFlirt


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