$100 Tribute

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Tribute $100 to Goddess Lycia – Because I damn well deserve it!

6 reviews for $100 Tribute

  1. luvlycia

    Loving Your new site, Goddess, and thank You for allowing me to tribute at the start!

  2. Finn McKool

    Goddess Lycia is so seductive .. fall into her web and you will not be able to turn back.

  3. LizzieBimbo

    Thank You for making it so easy to tribute, Goddess! Your soft, sweet voice has penetrated my mind and made me Your helpless puppet, so having this new, easy way to tribute is very exciting! Tribute Her and feel how good it is to become Hers.

  4. Puff

    It felt so good to tribute Goddess Lycia
    I will continue to tribute

  5. Puff

    Thanks again Goddess Lycia

  6. Finnzie

    Lycia is the BEST!!!

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