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Lycia’s EDGEucation Program

Welcome to my EDGEucation program, where students with “special needs” are taught how to edge and deny themselves for an entire week.

The program lasts seven days, and the daily lessons are in the form of downloadable mp3 files. Each audio lesson is about ten minutes long, and will tell you all the tools you need and rules you need to follow for the corresponding day. Near the end of each lesson, you will be given an assignment to complete, and you will need to send me proof of its completion.

As a student with special needs, you obviously require very specific instruction on how to tease and deny yourself, or you just get all frazzled and lost. As a compassionate EDGEucatrix, I am here to provide you with some much-needed structure, in regards to your genital region and your orgasms. You know you need a capable authority figure to tell you what to do with your body, how to do it, and with which tools. When left to your own decisions and devices, not much is accomplished, is it?

Day one starts whenever you know you have seven days in a row in which to study and do your tasks. In order to graduate from the program, you will need to do the lessons in order, without skipping a day. If you successfully complete the program, including each of your daily assignments, you earn a very special reward: permission to beg me for an orgasm.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Review each audio file the night before assignments are to be performed, or early in the morning on the day of the lesson. Each entire day in this program will revolve around your lesson and assignment, so you need to be prepared.

Program includes: edging, edging instruction, masturbation instruction, joi, tease and denial, orgasm denial, chastity training, male chastity, teacher fetish, female authority figure, slave assignments, slave tasks, slave training, brainwashing, mind fucking

Day 1: Brushes and Feathers

For today’s assignment, you will need either makeup brushes, feathers, or another soft object to tease yourself with. Further instructions inside. 9:23 mins for $9.99

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Day 2: Nipples and Anal

Today you will be focusing on teasing your nipples and anal area. You will not enter the anus, but will be dealing with the external area (therefore, you will not need any plugs or dildos). You will, however, need something to pinch your nipples with, such as clothespins or office clips. Further instructions inside. 10:12 mins for $9.99

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Day 3: Porn Binging

Today you will be spending as much time as possible watching and/or listening to porn. Gather up all your favorite sexual videos, audios, and images, and prepare to be overwhelmed with erotic stimuli. Further instructions inside. 8:17 mins for $9.99

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Day 4: Humping Things

Today you are prohibited from using your hands for stimulation. Instead, you will be instructed on what to hump, how to hump it, and for how long. 7:53 mins for $9.99

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Day 5: Red Light Green Light

Today’s lesson consists of a guided masturbation session, which you will listen to as instructed. Each time you listen, you must adhere to my commands with precision. 12:41 mins for $14.99

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Day 6: Oral Everything

Today you will learn how to develop an intense oral fixation, which will be very sexual in nature. You will need both a phallic and yonic object on which to practice. 10:35 mins for $9.99

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Day 7: All Day Diddlefest

For the final lesson, you will be taught how to masturbate all day long without having an orgasm. 10:12 mins for $14.99

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Happy February Eve! I’m releasing this a day early. Visit my FEBRUARY PAGE any time throughout My Month!

Hello boyz and gurlz! Well, if you have been following me for long enough, then you know by now that February is MY Month, because it is the both of both Valentine’s Day (February 14th) and My Birthday (February 23rd). Because I inspire such love, lust, adoration, passion, devotion, and submission in my slaves and admirers, it makes sense that Valentine’s Day would be MY holiday (aside from my birthday, of course). Therefore, the entire month of February revolves around your love for, enslavement to, and SERVICE to the Ultimate Hypnodomme, Humiliatrix, and Fetish Queen: GODDESS LYCIA.

Now, I could just sit back, relax, and let the tributes roll in. But because I am an immensely creative Goddess with a thoroughly impressive drive to create beautiful, sexy things to share amongst the interwebz, I am creating this interactive page of FEBRUARY FUN for you to immerse yourselves in. I already have the Goddess energy brewing within me all year ’round, and *love* to create, so might as well profit extra-special much. You would send me tributes anyway, but now you will get to send tributes and buy sexy fetish clips, photos, audio files, and slave assignments.

This section includes TRIBUTE options. Some people are confused about what a tribute is, so allow me to clarify: A tribute is a gift that you give to your Goddess, which you give to her with NO EXPECTATIONS of receiving anything in return. You give it to her as a GIFT, because you adore her and believe she deserves it. I absolutely expect at least one TRIBUTE from each and every person who buys *any* of my February Fetish Files. I mean, it wouldn’t make sense otherwise, you know? Special Valentine’s Day Tribute Buttons

(there is a special message inside each one!) Special Birthday Tribute Buttons

(there’s a special message inside each of these, too!) Amazon E-Cert Button

I adore e-certs from Amazon! They offer nearly anything I could ever want or need. And you can send any amount to me with such ease. Buy Stuff from My Wishlist

Of course, I would love receiving any of the items on my wishlist. After all, I chose each and every one! Take a look at the sort of items that please me, such as makeup, jewelry, sexy footwear, books, and bondage equipment! February Fetish Files

And now for the section with stuff that you download! For February 2013, I am offering a video file, an audio file, a photo set, and a series of written tasks, each with a different fetish focus. You will notice the number 23 floating around a few times, which is both the date of my birth, and a very enigmatic number. You will also notice some amethysts, the sparkling violet gem of my birth month. Read about all my offerings below:

Special FEBRUARY Message

Fetish Topic: Goddess Worship, Financial Domination, Femdom, ME

Description: This is an MP3 message for all the boyz and gurlz who will be celebrating Goddess Lycia Month. I let you know my expectations of you, as well as *why* you should be celebrating and what it all means. It is so exciting to have a FULL MONTH to celebrate one of the best things in your life; maybe THE best thing in your life. We are going to have so much fun! Send payment, download, listen, learn, and ~*~obey~*~.

Format: The .mp3 audio file is in a .zip folder

Length: 12:32 minutes

Price: $23

February 2013 Video

Title: Leather Domme DENIAL

Fetish Topic: Tease and Denial

Description: In this tease and denial video, Goddess Lycia is wearing a black leather outfit, including a sexy leather top, a short leather skirt, high-heeled leather boots, and elbow-length leather gloves. She teases you with her beauty, and guides you on how she wants you to touch yourself. Despite the fact that she looks sexier and more worthy of worship than ever, and also despite that fact that she is forcing you to arouse yourself even further, she will NOT allow you any release. You will be thrust into a state of erotic excitement beyond what you have ever imagined possible, and will ultimately be left throbbing and bobbing helplessly in the air, just so that Goddess has something to giggle about~

Format: The .wmv video file is in a .zip folder

Length: 10:49 minutes (10+4+9=23)

Price: $23

February 2013 Audio

Title: Lycia in Charge

Fetish Topic: Erotic Hypnosis

Description: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the type of handsome, submissive man that I might take to bed with me? In this Femdom erotic hypnosis session, that is exactly where I take you. However, beware: I am not at all concerned with what you like doing in bed; this is all about ME and how I want to play with you. Some things that I do might just be exactly what you love. Other things I do to you might typically be turn-offs, or even hard limits, for you. But this is MY month, and I am going to do what I want to do to your body, without any consideration for your personal tastes. It’s not as if you could escape, anyway; you are under my hypnotic control. Welcome to a trance session where Goddess Lycia is TRULY in charge, and you are just a human toy for her to play with. Hence, the title of this audio file: Lycia in Charge.

Sample: Click Here

Format: The .mp3 audio file is in a .zip folder

Length: 28:45 minutes

Price: $23

February 2013 Photos

Title: Lipstick Bliss Fetish Pics

Fetish Topic: Lipstick Fetish

sample image is reduced in size

Description: Goddess Lycia has chosen 10 colors from her extensive collection of luxury lipsticks with which to enhance her perfect pout. In this lipstick fetish photo set of 20 images, you will see images of her lips up close, as well as images of her gorgeous, sexy face in its entirety. Some images also include the lipstick tube and Goddess’ beautiful gloves. These images are so incredibly sexy, you won’t be able to tell if the lipstick is enhancing the beauty of Goddess Lycia, or if Goddess Lycia’s beauty is enhancing the appeal of the lipsticks! You simply must see her perfectly-shaped, sensually pouty lips in this incredibly arousing lipstick fetish photo set. You will treasure and cherish each and every image.

Format: The .jpg images are in a .zip file

How Many: 20 lipstick fetish photos

Price: $23

February 2013 Tasks

Fetish Topic: Humiliation

Description: This one is for my humiliation fiends! I know how much you love being told to perform embarrassing, weirdo tasks for the amusement of pretty Ladies! Well here is a list of 23 humiliating tasks that I have composed especially for you. The tasks include written assignments, photo assignments, and a couple recording assignments for those of you who can manage such a thing. There are also assignments that will take place within your household, as well as out about in public. For those, you will have to write to me about the experience, so that I can laugh at you, mock you, and maybe amuse my Lady friends by posting the documentation publicly. Engaging yourself in these humiliating tasks will be sure to have your ridiculous penis standing stiff and erect with intense shame. Start NOW!

P.S. Photo and video assignments will be kept confidential, between you and I, unless I have your permission to post publicly or to share privately with my girl friends.

Format: Word .doc

How Many: 23 humiliating tasks for you to perform

Price: $23

Bonus File Alert!

I had some extra time at the end of January to make this file. Enjoy!

Title: Lipstick Fruit

Fetish Topic: Lipstick Fetish

Description: Goddess Lycia applies moist, red, lipstick to her luscious lips and plants several lipstick kisses upon various fruits. Includes several re-applications. 10:35 mins. for $14.99

Format: The .wmv video file is in a .zip folder

Length: 10:35 minutes

Price: $14.99

So, there you have it: a page full of February Fetish Fun with a little something for everyone! Send tributes and get special messages, listen to an erotic hypnosis audio, view a tease and denial fetish video, read and complete humiliation assignments, and view THE most gorgeous lipstick fetish photographs and video! And it is ALL in honor of MY month; the month of LOVE and the month of my birth

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