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I’ve got cuckolding on my mind. Not just the sadistic pleasure of refusal, not just the intense delight in rubbing it in your inferior mug over and over again in a million new ways – but the pleasure of – him. The man I do select. You know a thing or two about that, don’t you – with your haplessly half hidden homo predilections. You can relate to the way I might – savor and sensually indulge myself over a man’s body. A man’s body completely unlike – your forgettable and regrettable self.

Let’s have some audio fun, shall we? Sneak a little listen – I dare you.

Preview HERE


Humiliation Station – Him and NOT you
This is a non hypnotic HUMILIATION audio recording. Cuckolding with a hefty dose of HOMOerotic vividness, a little grossness, and a LOT of denial, rejection and financial usefulness for a complete loser like YOU. 9 minutes. HIGHLY erotic – if this is your genre. Use headphones!

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